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A lot of games come with their own unique set of words. And poker terminology is no different.

From slots to cricket to the NFL, whatever your interest, there are going to be certain things that you need to know about to understand how the game works.

So with this simple guide to the most common poker words you’ll come across, you’ll be equipped and ready to take on the felt.


Yes, we just used the term in our introduction. “Hitting the felt” is a term players use to simply mean playing poker. Felt comes from the material commonly found on poker tables themselves. And it has an interesting history


This is a fun type of poker that you can find all over the iPoker Network. At Twister, you play against three different players for a random jackpot that is a multiple of your buy-in.


The term pro, is simply a shorthand way of saying poker professional. In other words, playing poker for money is the main source of income. So if you hear one of those people is pulling up a seat at your local game, you’d want to be putting your best foot forward.

Pot odds

Pot odds can confuse even veteran players. But all you really need to know is that pot odds all come down to how much you could win or lose, compared to your chances of winning or losing.

Cash out

On certain poker software platforms, you get the option to cash out a hand before the end of the game. That means potentially you can get a payout, even if you don’t have the winning hand in the end.

Poker offers

Before you settle down for your poker session, it’s worth checking out what the latest promotions are at your online poker room. If there’s something you can do to get extra value out of your session, why not do it? Promotions can be sort of confusing though, so you might want to brush up on what they really mean in our guide to poker offers.


No, we’re not talking about what you choose to wear to a casino. Playing style in poker refers to how you play your hands. Basic styles include loose, aggressive, tight and passive.


Every watched a poker film? We’re guessing you know what bluffing is already. But just in case you need a refresher, in short, bluffing means to act a different way in order to get other players to think your hand is stronger than it actually is.


When your mood is negatively affecting how you play, this is called tilt.


Put simply, a 3-bet is when you re-raise someone else’s bet. An aggressive move, but it can be very profitable.

Bonus code

Bonus codes are always going to be attractive to online poker players. And getting a really good one when you join a new online poker room is essential. Coming up short right now? Well here’s the Bet365 Bonus Code for your pleasure.