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slots terminology

The world of slots is fascinating and unique. But sometimes it can be confusing. We totally get that. So that’s why we’re tackling slots terminology today.

Cast an eye over this list and soon you’ll go from clueless to clued up. At least in the world of slots!

Slots terminology A-E


Some call it the lazy person’s answer to slots playing, others call it pure convenience. The autospin lets you choose how many spins you want, then just sit back and watch them play out, without you lifting a finger. Until you decide if you want to spin more!

Bonus code

Looking for a new casino to play slots at? Well make sure the one you sign up to has a juicy new player bonus code. Stumped? Well then we can sort you out with this bet365 bonus code to get you started.


When you play slots, you usually don’t play with real money. Rather your cash is converted to credits, and you spin with those. That’s exactly what happens in real life casinos with casino chips. 


Traditionally on slot machines, symbols spin into place on reels. But in some more modern online slot machines, they simply drop into place on the reels instead.

Expanding reels

Now this is an exciting feature. Expanding reels quite literally expand the slot. They increase the number of symbols and paylines you’re playing with, giving you more ways to win.

Slots terminology F-J

Free spins

Want something for nothing? Then you’ll love free spins. Usually dished out in multiples of five, if you trigger free spins, you can extra chances to win without shelling out for more spins.


Well of course slots are gambling. But did you know there is a specific gamble feature on certain slots? That means you boost your chance of winning, in exchange for extra cash per spin.


If you hear of someone hitting in slots, it means they’ve struck upon a winning combination.


In slots, icons is just another term for symbols.


An instant win of a big prize, usually triggered either at random or via a bonus game, is a jackpot win.

Slots terminology K-O


In this slots terminology post, we’re going to use King to symbolize all card symbols. Along with fruit, cards (particularly face cards) are some of the most traditional card symbols going.

Line bet

The line bet is the price each line costs to bet on.


Another fantastic bonus feature, the multiplier can see you multiplying your winnings by as much as 10x.


If we could talk about bonus features all day, we would. The nudge is a bonus feature that moves a reel up or down to trigger more wins.,

Slots terminology P-T

Progressive jackpot

Now let’s meet jackpot’s outrageous cousin. The progressive jackpot grows every time anyone spins the reels at a particular slot, or family of slots. They can grow to gigantic proportions. On some occasions, they can literally make the winner a millionaire in one fell swoop!

Return to player

For people who have their head screwed on, knowing the return to player, or RTP, of the slots they play is a must. This is the average amount a slot will pay out to players over time. Although it’s based on thousands of spins, it can give you an idea of what to expect.

Scatter symbols

Scatter symbols in slots terminology let you win outside of regular paylines.


This is all about slots, not poker, but we’ve got an interesting crossover to tell you about. Age of the Gods Twister poker is like a progressive jackpot slot with a poker slant. Interested? You can find it at bet365.

Slots terminology U-Z

Up/down slot cycle

Because online slots are programmed with random number generators, they don’t pay out evenly over time. The fluctuations in frequency and amount they pay out is referred to as the up/down slot cycle.


As well as RTP, another thing you need to know about is volatility. That’s the average amount that’s paid out by your slot. If you’ve got a low volatility slot, it pays out small prizes but quite frequently. High volatility is just the opposite.


Here at Bonus Referrer Code, we go wild for wilds. This is a super fun symbol that substitutes for almost all other symbols and can maximize your chance of hitting more paylines. Class altogether!


When you’re playing slots, the most important thing is you! So take a moment to check in with yourself on what kind of themes you’re enjoying and if you’re happy with the amount of time or money you’re spending on slots. 


Quite simply, this is where paylines are anything other than the traditional straight lines. You’ll see this in most online slots.


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