mid position play in poker

Wondering if it’s possible to avoid tilt in poker? We’re here to tell you that it is.

The first thing you need to do is to learn all you can about it. When you understand the way tilt works, you can then start to identify it and avoid it.

And in some case, you might want to encourage it…

1. Tilt is born from out of control emotions

One of the key things you should know about poker is that playing it really well is all about controlling your reactions and responses. It’s about acting in a calm and considered way.

Tilt is the opposite of that. It’s when frustration and emotions boil over and suddenly you’re making bad decisions that you wouldn’t make if you were that little bit calmer.

2. Bad luck can cause tilt

Although poker is a game of skill, it’s also a game where there’s a strong element of luck. No one can deny that. And that’s also what makes it so hard to avoid tilt. 

If you’ve suffered a bad beat, it can be very easy to get in your head about it. And that can lead you to getting sucked into the tilt vortex.

3. Sometimes a player is their own worst enemy when it comes to tilt

As poker players, we all know that psychology can affect how we play. Or at least we should do. You come to play poker to have fun. But if you’re not in a great mood before you start, it can mean the tilt can creep in.

If you’re tired, emotional, frustrated, upset or angry, you are far more likely to suffer from tilt. Avoid tilt in poker by only playing when you feel good, even, calm, in control.

And under no circumstances should you ever play under the influence of alcohol or any other substance. As we said before, playing good poker is about being in control. And when you’re taking mind, mood or body altering substances, you’re not in control.

4. If you feel the tilt start to creep in, it’s up to you to stop it

If you find yourself getting frustrated and start thinking about making decisions that have nothing got to do with pot odds or other sensible strategies, you’re becoming victim to the tilt. But it’s not too late to stop it!

Stop playing, at least for a few minutes until you calm down. This is of course easiest when it comes to cash games or super short games like Twister

But even if you’re multi-tabling or playing a big ole tournament, you should still step away from the action. When it comes to poker, automatic folds are way better than making bad decisions. Trust us, we’ve been there.

5. It’s easier to avoid tilt in poker online

You might think tilt is more common in face-to-face poker games, but it’s definitely possible to suffer from tilt online too. However, we do think it’s easier to force the tilt into retreat when you’re playing solo online than when you’re playing in person.

Online poker rooms like bet365 (bonus code for new players) make us feel like it’s a little easier to combat the tilt. Closing the laptop is a bit easier than walking out of a bricks and mortar poker room. So if you’re susceptible to the tilt, work on your coping mechanisms online before you place face-to-face.