The Poker Boom may well have started in the early 2000s, but there are still innovations coming out all the time and bet365 Poker has made one of the most intriguing enhancements to their iPoker offering with the release of its All-In Cash Out feature.

Coming hot on the heels of its Run It Twice enhancement which went live on the site around a month or so ago, this new feature offers customers the chance to Cash Out their hand (when certain circumstances have been met) to guarantee themselves at least some cash back, even though they have previously gone All-In.

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Let’s learn a little more about how the All-In Cash Out feature works.

All-In Cash Out At Bet365 Poker

The All-In Cash Out feature is a new addition to the bet365 Poker site and it is an feature which can only be triggered when certain conditions are met at the poker table.

If the conditions are met, then the bet365 Poker software will offer you the chance to Cash Out your poker hand for the stated amount, which equates directly to your percentage chance of winning the hand compared to your opponent.

It is then up to you to decide whether you want to accept the offer, and guarantee yourself a return from the hand, even if when the hand is completed you end up as the losing player in the hand.

Or, you can reject the offer and put your fate in the hands of the poker gods, with the game being completed and the standard poker rankings left to decide which of the players has won the full pot.

The Four Conditions Required To Trigger An All In Cash Out Bonus

The All-In Cash Out Bonus is not available every time that you go All-In. In fact, there are a specific set of circumstances required in order for the feature to activate within a hand.

These four factors are as follows:

  • Only two players remain in the hand.
  • Both players remaining in the hand have gone ‘All-In” ready for a showdown.
  • The River Card is still to be drawn.
  • You have at least a 35% chance of winning the hand (this is called “Hand Equity”) based on the cards that are showing at the table.

In terms of Hand Equity, this percentage value is calculated by the software when you have reached the point of the Flop and Turn cards being revealed, but the River card is yet to be drawn from the pack.

At this point, the software will calculate your chances of winning based on the current hands you both hold, plus the four showing community cards, and the number of outs the player behind in the hand has in order to land the win.

Once these parameters have been met then an All-In Cash Out offer will be made to the player.

I’ve Received An All-In Cash Out Offer – What Should I Do?

So you’ve gone All-In, an opponent at the table has called you and you are now in a showdown for the pot. The Flop and Turn have been revealed and you have qualified for an All-In Cash Out offer.

What should you do now?

Well the truth is, this is a judgement call as are a great many in poker and the only thing you have helping you here as to whether you should accept the offer or not, is the amount you have been offered compared to the amount you have put into the pot.

If, for example, a large number of players made some bets during the opening or post flop rounds of betting but have since folded, it may be advantageous to take the offer, especially if it will guarantee you a profit, or it will ensure that you at least get some money back if you are well behind in terms of your Hand Equity.

The flip side of this is if you are in a stronger position over your opponent, you will certainly be offered a greater percentage of the pot but the odds are in your favour to win the entire pot, not just a percentage of it, if you reject the offer and opt to play the hand out instead.

Regardless of what option you pick, the hand will always be played to completion with the showing of the River card, but if you accept the All-In Cash Out offer and your hand subsequently goes on to be the winner of the hand, then you do not receive any of the additional cash you would have won if you had played the hand without accepting the offer.

There are certain times when accepting the All-In Cash Out offer is certainly the smart play to make based on the size of the pot and your chances of winning it.

Conversely, there are other times when the odds are in your favour that the smarter play is to reject the offer and play the hand out as you would usually and trust that the odds currently in your favour will hold out.

How Is The All-In Cash Out Offer Decided?

The software works out what your chances are of winning the current hand when the feature is triggered at the table and this is shown as a percentage. Anything below 50% to 35% and you are less likely to win the hand than your opponent anything from 50 to 65% and you are more likely to win the hand than your opponent.

The exact percentage chances of winning you have will determine the percentage amount of the total pot you will be offered.

For example, if you have a 60% chance of winning the hand, then you will be offered 60% of whatever the total pot is as your Cash Out offer. However if you only have a 35% chance of winning the hand, then you will be offered just 35% of the total pot as your offer.

The real skill with this offer is judging when it is best to use it, and when it is best to reject it and see the River card as you would in any standard poker showdown.

That is essentially how the All-In Cash Out feature works at bet365, but if you have some questions you would like answered about the Bet365 Poker All-In Cash Out option, then check out the FAQs for the offer by clicking on the link.