6 Poker Pros That Knocked Our Socks Off In 2022

best poker pros in 2022

Who were the best poker pros in 2022? To make this list you’re going to have to have done something pretty special.

The best poker pros in 2022

The WSOP champs

Making waves in the WSOP is easier said than done. Everyone and their sister turns up to showcase their poker skills, from celebrities to confident amateurs to seasoned pros.

So to make a name for yourself while you’re there is something special indeed.

One of the women that stood out from the crowd was Angela Jordison. She scooped four cashes during the games, including a handsome $150,000 plus win at a No Limit Hold’em Freezeout event in Bally’s Casino.

When we talk WSOP, it’s always fun to see who triumphed at the Main Event. Probably the most watched poker event of the year, it’s a big prize to take. And win a $10 million win, Espen Jorstad got the privilege of topping the tournament this year.

But we can’t end a WSOP 2022 conversation without talking about the Player of the Year. Daniel Zack won the impressive title after a solid performance in the Las Vegas spectacular, that took in two bracelet wins at Omaha and Seven Card Stud tables.

Outrageous online success

C Darwin2, or Simon Mattsson as he’s known in real life, is probably online poker’s most skillful player at the moment. And he was certainly one of the best poker pros in 2022.

Some people see online poker as lesser than live event, but you only have to look at some of Mattsson’s scores to see that that is certainly not the case.

He won just under $3,000,000 during September 2022’s WSOP Online Main Event!  And that wasn’t even his only seven-figure win of the year. He also netted over $1,000,000 while playing at the Super Million HR Main Event.

So the next time you’re playing online at the nosebleed tables and you see his username pop up, you know you’re in for some fierce competition.

GPI ranking toppers

If you’ve looked at the Global Poker Index rankings any time recently, we are sure you’ve come across Stephen Song’s name. Not only did he top the GPI rankings for 2022, but he’s also been in the top three all-time GPI rankings too.

And if that’s not impressive, we don’t know what is.

GPI focuses on live tournament performances, so it’s not surprising that Song has seen some gigantic wins in 2022. This includes a score at the WPT Prime Championship of in excess of $700,000 just before Christmas 2022.

Meanwhile, the top ranking GPI female player of 2022 is Cherish Andrews. Poker is often seen as a boy’s club, so from attracting to retaining female pros, it’s an upwards battle. That means when we see women succeeding at the sport, we rejoice.

Andrews’ Live Event success in the year culminated with two gigantic six-figure scores one day after the other at the Wynn Las Vegas WPT Championship. First up was a $250,000-plus scoop, followed the very next day by another win in excess of $130,000. So it’s no wonder she makes our list as one of the best poker pros in 2022.

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