What to wear in a casino

Wondering what to wear in a casino? We’ve got a quick and easy guide to help you nativage this tricky topic.

We’re going to give you smart solutions across a broad range of different scenarios, as well as your personal preferences, so you’ll always be confident, comfortable and legit when you’re playing in-person games.

We’re going to make sure figuring out what to wear to a casino is stress-free and fun, instead of intimidating. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered!

What to wear in a casino: your questions answered

Do all casinos have a dress code?

Yes, pretty much every single casino has a dress code of some description. But these can vary pretty wildly, so it’s worth checking out what is and isn’t allowed in your casino of choice.

What are some common items of clothing banned from casinos?

Generally speaking, there are some items of clothing that are no goes when it comes to attending a casino. You should never wear face coverings like a balaclava or a scarf covering most of your face. Although having said that, face masks are usually permitted.

Most casinos also ban sports jerseys and really casual trousers, like track pants and shorts. Most also ban flip flops, with some going further and banning sneakers too.

Do I have to dress fancy to be let into a casino?

As long as you’re paying attention to the banned items of clothing, typically speaking, casinos let you rock up in fairly casual clothes to spin the roulette wheel or play a few hands of blackjack.

However, there are certain high end casinos around the world and in Vegas that do specify strict dress codes. There you’re going to have to certainly pull out all the stops and put on some fancy clothes in order to be welcomed in with open arms.

What is the most important thing about my casino playing outfit?

Whatever the dress code, the most important thing about the outfit you choose to play casino games in is that it’s comfortable. If you’re comfortable in it, you’re going to have more fun. And that’s the whole point of going to a casino, after all.

If I host a casino party, should I have a dress code?

Well this is up to you. There’s a lot to consider when you’re hosting a casino party. Sure, the best home casino games is probably the most important thing, but a dress code can set the atmosphere too.

First of all, consider who’s coming. If they’re a casual bunch, don’t force them to come suited and booted. But if they like a bit of fanciness, a posh dress code could be a bit of fun. Trust your gut on this one, and your friends!

But what if you just want to play online?

If you simply want to play casino games online, then you can certainly suit yourself. We like to wear layers during an online sessions so we can strip off and pop on if we get too warm or cool while we play.

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