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basics of cricket

Are you a sports fan? Well then we bet you know the basics on lots of different types of sports. But sometimes there are a couple that get away. Even the major ones can turn into a bit of a mystery. But there is no reason to stay in the dark. That’s why we’re going to strip things back and chat to you about the basics of cricket.

How many people are on a cricket team?

Yes, we’re starting with the very basics of cricket. The first thing you need to know is that a cricket match is played between two teams. Each of those teams have 11 players on the field at any given time.

How long is a cricket pitch?

A cricket pitch is 22 yards, or 20 metres, long.

What is a wicket?

If you’ve heard of cricket, we bet you’ve heard of a wicket too. But what exactly is a wicket? Well, a wicket is three stumps with two bails balanced on either side. There are two wickets on a cricket pitch, one at each side of the central line of the pitch.

Wickets are also crucial when it comes to scoring, because the number of wickets lost is included in each team’s total score.

How do you score in a game of cricket?

The batting side’s main aim during a game is to run from one wicket to another after they bat the ball. If they do that, they score. That’s why scores are expressed as “runs” in cricket. Another way to score is by hitting the ball beyond the playing field. If the ball bounces, then exits, the team get four. If it doesn’t, the team gets six.

What does the bowling and fielding side do?

While the batting side tries to score, the bowling and fielding side does their best to prevent this. They do that by making sure the ball doesn’t leave the field and getting it to either wicket so they can break the stumps.

How is a batter dismissed in cricket?

There are several different ways that a batter can be dismissed from the field, in other words, so they are out. Here are the main ways:

  • Being bowled: when the ball hits the wicket and the bails fall down
  • The fielding side catching the ball just after the batter hits it, before it hits the ground
  • When the ball hits the wicket before a batter crosses the crease in front of the wicket

When does the batting side swap with the bowling and fielding side?

The teams swap places as soon as 10 batters are out from the batting side. When this happens, the innings end.

What is a crease?

Simply put, a crease is a white line on the cricket pitch. There are several of them and they are crucial to the rules of the game. They demarcate the areas that the batsmen and bowlers operate in.

How many umpires and referees are there in a cricket game?

Typically, a cricket game is overseen by two umpires and a third umpire helps out. Then if it’s an international game, a match referee is also employed by the International Cricket Council.

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