6 Pot Odds Facts All Poker Players Should Understand

poker pot odds

Some new players see poker pot odds as outrageously complicated. But the truth is, they’re not really.

Plus understanding poker pot odds can do wonders for your game. Just a little bit of knowledge will make sure you don’t waste your chips and you maximize your leverage while you play too.

Whether you’re playing a little cash game with friends, Six Plus on vacation, a big tournament in the WSOP or a quick Twister session online (bet365 bonus code for new players), a solid knowledge of poker pot odds will serve you well.

1. Always take the size of the pot into account

Now this is something that new players don’t always do. The key to getting savvy about poker pot odds is to think about the size of the pot compared to how much it costs you to call.

2. Lack of knowledge about pot odds is a great way to spot newbies

You can spot an inexperienced player pretty fast when they fold when up against a small call and there’s a huge pot up for grabs. That’s because the cost is outweighed by the potential benefits.

3. Use ratios to work out poker pot odds

Working out pot odds is usually done via ratios. Using ratios makes it a little easier to be clinical about the whole thing. Let’s do a little math to show you what we mean:

  • The pot is worth $10
  • The call is $2
  • Your pot odds are, therefore, 5:1

4. Keep your hand probability in mind

It’s easy to say you should never fold when the pot odds are good. But they’re only as good as your hand is. Sometimes, as we know, folding is a good option.

So think about how strong your hand and your probability of winning, compared to the pot odds. If the pot odds are lower than your chance to win, it’s probably best to fold. However, if it’s stronger, you should probably call.

5. You can future-proof with implied pot odds

Implied pot odds in poker are seen as kind of confusing. And we guess they are. This isn’t about what has already happened, as with regular poker pot odds. Instead, it’s about what is likely to play out.

To work out what the implied pot odds are, simply add the future bets you think you’ll win in this hand to the current bet (while excluding your own bet). Then you can go from there in working out what the implied pot odds are.

6. Make smarter aggressive players with reversed implied pot odds

Playing hands aggressively in poker is something you shouldn’t be afraid to do. Even the naturally conservative among us can benefit from strong moves from time to time.

But how do you work out if it’s the right thing to do? Enter reverse implied pot odds. This will help you figure out what are the minimum wins and maximum losses that could result from your play.

Reversed implied pot odds gives you an insight into when it’s worth being aggressive and when it’s not. It puts your play in sharp relief so you can make the smartest decision for you in any given situation.


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