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Want to brush up on your NFL trivia? We’ve got all the best facts for you, from basics to downright bizarre. This is your chance to fill up on all that great football knowledge and impress your friends next time you’re catching a game together.


When we think NFL trivia, we’re always going to think about the Thanksgiving Day games. They can often provide some of the most memorable moments of the whole season and it’s always fun to watch when you’re lying on the couch after a big day of turkey (or tofurkey, no judgement here). In all of NFL history, there’s been four years when no games on Thanksgiving have been played. Want to guess which ones? The four war years of 1941 until 1945.


For any article about NFL trivia, we’ve got to talk about the champs. The most decorated NFL champs of all time are the Green Bay Packers, with 13 titles under their belt.


Each NFL season last 18 weeks. Teams play every week, except for during one bye week.


In total, 32 teams take part in the NFL. Sixteen of those team come from the American Football Conference and the other 16 come from the National Football Conference.


Now this piece of NFL trivia will truly astound you. Even though it’s synonymous with the NFL today, the first ever Super Bowl wasn’t held until 47 years after the NFL was founded. Before Super Bowl number one in 1967, the champ was determined by end of season standings. Not nearly as exciting as the Super Bowl!


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We love a few NFL stats, so we had to sneak this in here. With 1,256 points, Jerry Rice holds the record for the most points scored by a non-kicker in the NFL during his impressive career from 1985 until 2004. Astounding. Read all about him and other NFL legends here.


The American Professional Football Association was formed in 1920. What does that have to do with the NFL? Well the Association renamed itself the National Football League in 1922.


With a pretty astounding average attendance number of 67,591, the NFL holds the record for the best attended professional sports league in the world. How’s that for a piece of NFL trivia.


Everyone knows that Super Bowl champs get unbelievably glitzy rings to celebrate their title success. Typically, they’re solid gold and encrusted in precious gems, like diamonds. But not many other people can get their hands on them. Occasionally they come up for public auction and we can get a sense of their market value. For example, two 1970s Steelers rings were sold on eBay in mid-2008. The winning bid? $69,000 each.


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