If there is one game that has caught the imagination moreso than any other new release in recent times at Bet365 Poker, then it is Twister Poker. This little Sit & Go game, originally released bet365 Twister Pokeron the site as a limited time offer, has been so popular with players that it has become a permanent fixture on the site.

Bet365 offers Twister Poker but not all sites do, so if you want to enjoy this fast, fun and potentially lucrative form of the game, you need to be a member. Sign up by reading our review with all the latest Bet365 Poker bonus code information you’ll need in order to join today.

What is Twister Poker and how does it work?

Twister Poker is a fast-paced Sit&Go game contested by three players and where the last player remaining at the table is the winner and claims the cash prize. All players pay the same entry fee to enter a tournament (€1, €2, €5 or €10) and players are placed randomly at the next available table against two random opponents.

Before the game start, and the reason the game has its name, the amount of prize money you are playing for is decided by a spin (or twist) of the prize reel. You can play for a variety of amounts of money ranging from double your buy in up to the top prize of 1,000 times your buy in.

Once your prize money is known, the cards will be dealt and the game progresses as normal. In Twister Poker though, all players have just 500 chips and the blinds rise very quickly (every two minutes), which means Twister Poker games can be played to a conclusion very quickly (usually around 10-15 minutes in length).

Key strategies for success at Twister Poker

Of course, the structure of the game, the size of the chip stack and the fact you are playing against randomly selected opponents means that Twister Poker operates under very different circumstances compared to other Sit & Go games and especially cash table games. As such, you’ll need to develop some key strategies in order to be successful at the tables on a regular basis.

With Twister Poker, the good news is that with a little time and effort, you can develop strategies for success and start to put them into play relatively quickly. Outlined below are five simple tips you can follow which, along with a sound poker strategy, should see you win more often at the Twister Poker tables.Bet365 Poker Gaming Table

  1. Polish your skills on the €1 and €2 games

Even though Twister Poker is very cheap to play with €10 being the maximum buy in, it can still prove a costly game for the player with a limited bankroll especially when you are not winning as often as you like. Therefore, when you start playing, avoid the temptation of trying to land a big win by playing the more expensive games and instead stick to the two cheaper tables.

Sure you may only be playing for €2 or €4 maximum to win, but you are only going to lose half that if you lose and that will ensure your bankroll can withstand a run of defeats. Don’t forget too that you could end up playing for considerably more than that in a game if the Spinning Wheel at the start picks a larger prize for you to play for.

As you begin your journey to Twister Poker domination, hone your skills and strategies in the lower priced games and when you start to win more regularly at these tables and your bankroll is starting to grow, then it may be time to move on to the higher buy in games.

  1. Controlled Aggression is vital

It is a risky business to be too cautious in Twister Poker given that you have so few chips and the blinds rising so quickly. As such, being an aggressive player can pay dividends, but this aggression has to be controlled.

Earning a quick chip lead in this game can help you start to bully players as their stacks dwindle and this gives you a little extra time to pick and choose when to strike. To get in this position, being aggressive early on in the game, especially against hands where players are limping in and you suspect they hold nothing and are hoping to hit a hand, can see you establish a nice chip lead.

However, remember players will also show aggression back to you, re-raising you, or going all in when they feel they have a hand that has yours beat, therefore timing youAggression Poker Bet365r aggressive moves and knowing when to fold when you are behind are equally as important as each other.

  1. If you fall behind in the chips, especially heads up, play ultra-aggressively

In Twister Poker, when one player has almost all the chips, or a high percentage of them, then they have the luxury of waiting to hit a strong hand to take you on. If you are well behind in the
chips, then you can’t really allow them to do that unchallenged, so playing ultra-aggressively when behind is a tactic used by many.

By this, we mean if your chip stack is sat 300 and the other players have chip stacks of 600 apiece and the blinds are now 50/100, then you have to do something. As such, if you hit any sort of hand at this point, then your call should be All In. Immediately.

That’s because this forces the other players at the table to think whether they want to risk losing a good proportion of their stack if you have hit a hand. Of course, they may hit a hand too, in which case your chances are in the hands of the poker gods, but if you can start to pick up pots when you are behind, you can quickly work your way back into the game.

  1. Play a wider range of hands

Of course, key to aggressive play is the ability to play a wide range of hands and there are some Twister Poker players who will seemingly play any hand. While I don’t advocate that, it is certainly advisable to play a wider range of hands, especially if you have cash already in the pot from the blinds and players are limping in.

However, to do this successfully and not lose out, you need to ensure that your play post-flop is strong. Once the three cards are revealed, the dynamic of the table will change as one or more players will feel they have the upper hand. You need to be able to understand what the other players are thinking here when they check, raise or call in this position.

Of course, that isn’t easy to do and it takes time and experience to develop these skills, but soon you’ll recognise when a player is simply raising to try and steal the pot, or if they are checking trying to set a trap for other players to fall into.

  1. If you hold the most chips, don’t wait solely for the premium hands

If you are heads up against a player and you have 1200 chips and they have 300, you have the luxury of being able to wait for a decent hand to try and take your opponent out. Well yes you do, but Six Plus Holdem Bet365 Pokerthat doesn’t mean it is always the right choice.

Of course, if you hit a strong hand then you should push home that advantage by underplaying the hand and trying to get your opponent to go ‘all in’ (as they likely will do if they feel you don’t have anything in your hand) and try to steal the pot.

However, while it is fine to fold poor hands, it is also sensible to still play a wide range of hands in this position. Especially if you have suited connectors, a potential flush draw or even just two middle range cards that could be used in a straight.

Although this play is speculative, provided you aren’t forced to pay a premium to see the flop, then you could hit a very strong hand and if your opponent is already committed to the pot (as they likely will be with a smaller stack), you can pick up the win quickly as you’ll have hit a very strong hand when they feel they are ahead.