Wild Slots Symbols

One of the very best things about slots is the sheer variety. When it comes to theme, budget and complexity, there is truly a whole host of options available to you. But that’s where it can also get confusing. There are a whole load of things about slots that some people don’t fully understand, even if they’ve been playing them for years. It’s because it’s so easy to sit back and spin the reels and let the experience wash over you. And that’s great. But we think there’s something special you can gain from a deeper understanding. So we’re going to delve into the mechanics of a common slots symbol and find out just what they add to your experience. Welcome to your wild slots symbols guide.

What are wild slots symbols?

Put simply, wild slots symbols substitute in for other symbols on the reels. Usually they can substitute for any symbols except scatter symbols.

How do I recognize wild slots symbols?

This is a tricky question, because it changes depending on the game in question. A lot of the time, they are simply marked ‘Wild‘, which makes them very easy to spot. But sometimes they’re linked more closely to the theme of the game. If in doubt, check out the game’s legend and that should have all the detail behind the symbols.

Why are wilds so good in slots games?

The reason why everyone goes so wild for wilds is that they can boost your winnings. They do that because when the substitute for other symbols, they increase the likelihood that you have matching symbols across paylines. That’s how you can win more.

As well as that, wilds themselves are often high value symbols. So if you get a full line of wilds, you can net some of the biggest prizes on offer in that slot.

But the benefits don’t end there. Lots of wilds also act as multipliers, so when they’re present on a payline, your payday gets multiplied.

So in short, wilds are a pretty great thing to come across when you’re spinning the reels!

What are some of the most common types of wild slots symbols?

The games designers are always coming up with ways to make your gaming experience a little more exciting. Variations on the wild symbol is just one way that they do that. So along with regular wilds, a lot of games also have…

Expanding wilds

Expanding wilds symbols usually appear in the middle reels. When they do, they can go across all reel columns or stretch to fill a whole reel!

Stacked wilds

Cropping up most commonly during bonus rounds, stacked wilds are usually two or three wilds that are stuck together. That can lead to really nice paydays.

Sticky wilds

Also very common during bonus rounds and free spins, sticky wilds remain in the same place for several spins at a time.

Where can I find games with lots of wild slots symbols?

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