slot scatter symbols

Do you want to know more about slot scatter symbols? Well then you’ve come to the right place!

There’s no question too big or small, we’re here to give you the full story on slot scatter symbols so you know exactly what they mean on the reels.

Then the next time you play you’ll know exactly what to look out for. Games are always more fun when you know what you should get excited about!

Slot scatter symbols basics

Now let’s take it from the top to give you a little juicy slot scatter symbols knowledge. Even if you’re a seasoned slot player, you might find out something you didn’t know!

What are slot scatter symbols?

Slot scatter symbols are just so darn good. They operate outside the payline system to dish out wins and unlock bonus features. In short, they are wonderful.

Do all slots have scatters?

Scatter symbols are pretty typical in slots games across a range of RTPs, but not all slots have them. More basic games, traditional slots or classic styles don’t tend to carry slot symbols.

However, most slots you’ll find on sites like bet365 (bet365 bonus code here for new players) will have plenty of options with scatters.

Especially if you’re into progressive jackpot slots! But don’t miss the great lesser-known slots with scatters too.

How do I find out which is a scatter symbol?

It’s simple to find out what symbol in your slot of choice is a scatter. Sometimes they simply have “scatter” written on them, which makes it very simple to figure out.

But otherwise, just go to the slot’s paytable and it’ll clearly state which symbol is the scatter.


Scatters payouts

Slot scatter symbols often mean big wins, but maybe not in the way you first imagined… These dynamic symbols can totally transform your slot session.

How do I win with scatters?

As we said before, scatter symbols operate outside the regular payline universe.

Simply put, that means that you just need a certain number of scatters anywhere on the reels during a single spin to trigger something good.


How many scatters do I need to win?

This will vary from slot to slot. As a rule of thumb, most slots require a minimum of three scatters to trigger a prize. Then the maximum payout (or best bonus feature) comes when you get five.

What can scatters trigger, other than payouts?

In many slots, the scatter symbol’s main function is to unlock bonus features.

That can be free spins, mini games, bonus rounds or even a shot at a progressive jackpot.

Scatters, wilds and bonus symbols

The different symbol types you find in slots can get confusing. But check in with these questions to figure out what’s the scatter’s relationship to other symbols.

Do wilds replace scatters?

Wild symbols don’t replace scatter symbols. This is because the wild’s objective is to increase your win as much as possible.

Scatter symbols give you the opportunity to unlock special features, making them one of the most valuable symbols on the reels. So it doesn’t make sense for them to be replaced.

Are scatter, wild and bonus symbols all the same?

As a rule of thumb, no, scatter symbols, bonuses and wilds are different. They perform different jobs on the reels.

However, occasionally, there are wilds, bonuses and/or scatters that share the same symbol in a game.