Slots RTP

The language of online casino games can sure be confusing. Sometimes when things are confusing, our eyes glaze over and we just ignore it. But ignoring slots RTP isn’t a smart thing to do. Getting a good understanding of RTP in relation to slots games can help you get so much more out of your session. So let’s delve into the topic so we can all get our heads around it!

What is slots RTP?

RTP stands for return to player. You’re a player. You’d like a return from your session. So that means it’s crucial you understand how slots RTP works, right? Right. So this figure, expressed as a percentage, states how much of a players’ money the slot pays out. This is great because it increases the transparency in online gambling and helps you manage your expectations somewhat. Of course, this is all based on averages across millions of spins. So you can’t complain if you end up losing a higher percentage of your cash than the slots RTP. But it can give you a guideline of how risky the slot is over all.

What is the highest RTP I can get?

Let’s get real. Online casinos are a business and they’ve got to make money. So you’re never going to find a slot that’s got a 100% slots RTP. If you really dig around, you can find slots approaching 97% RTP.

What are the lowest RTPs out there?

You’ll rarely find an online game with a slots RTP of less than 91%. That’s because the designers still want players to win a decent amount of the time so they keep coming back to the slots. However, it’s worth noting that land-based casinos frequently do have slots RTP from 70% to 90%, so a lot of the time it’s more profitable on average to play online.

Is RTP the same thing as variance?

In a word, no. RTP is all about how much is won, whereas variance is about how those wins plays out. So they’re similar, but not the same. Here’s what we mean. If a game has low variance, it means that the wins are frequent and small most of the time. However, if a game has high variance, it means it mostly has big wins infrequently. Of course, it’s also possible to have big wins on low variance slots and small wins on high variance slots, we’re just talking in general terms here.

So you can end up playing a game with high RTP but not win that often if it also has very high variance. That’s how that works.

What impact does a progressive jackpot have on RTP?

A progressive jackpot is a classic example of a high variance slots element. It’s because it’s a windfall that can be massive, but is won rarely. So when you see a progressive jackpot slot, you should take into account that a lot of that RTP is wrapped up in the progressive jackpot win. That means you’re probably going to be effectively playing for less that the RTP percentage, most of the time.

Should I only choose slots based on RTP?

It’d be a mistake to choose slots solely based on RTP. That’s because at the end of the day the reason people play online slots is for the experience and the immersive fun. It’s never just about the money. Having said that, keeping an eye out for the RTP means that you know what to expect when you fire up your slot of choice.

Where can I play slots with decent RTP online?

Now that you know what RTP is, you know that you should be looking out for it in your slots sessions. For a great range of slots with decent RTP, we’d recommend checking out bet365. This online casino boasts hundreds of titles designed by gaming giants Playtech. Take a quick flick through and you can easily find a slot to suit your mood with a great RTP to boot. Plus if you’re a new player, you can use this fantastic bet365 bonus code.