Twister Sit & Gos

What do you want to get out of your poker session? There are really an awful lot of answers to that question. It, of course, depends on the person but it depends on so much else too. For example, your mood, the time of day and how long of a session you want to delve in to. Sometimes, only something fun and quick will do. And that’s where Twister Sit & Gos come in.

What are Twister Sit & Gos?

Twister Sit & Gos are the ultimate in speedy poker thrills. They are Sit & Go poker tournaments where you can play for up to 1,000 your buy-in. The exact amount in the prize pool is completely random, so you never know exactly how much you’re going to be playing for. It’s very exciting, trust us.

As they’re Sit & Go tournaments, you can play them any time. They aren’t scheduled, so you don’t need to wait for a particular time. That’s why they’re so handy to slot in whenever you fancy a poker thrill.

When you join a Twister Sit & Go, you’ll join two other players. Just before the game is about to start, the prize pool is randomly determined. Then as soon as it is, your game continues like a regular sit & go. But because these games are three-handed, it means that they are (at least most of the time) super speedy.

Where can I play Twister Sit & Gos?

For your fill of Twister Sit & Gos, head to bet365. Not yet signed up? Well then take a look at our review and bet365 bonus code.

Tell me more about how the prize pool works

So you’re going to want to know exactly how much the prize pool is, even if you don’t hit the upper echelons, right? Like we said before, the prize pool in Twister Sit & Gos can be up to 1,000x your buy-in. But it starts from 2x your buy-in. So double your buy-in is the absolute minimum amount you’re going to be playing for. There’s also a chance you’ll strike 3x, 4x, 5x, 8x, 10x, 50x, 100x, or of course the big 1,000x multiplier.

Most of the time, the winner of the three-player tournament takes the whole prize pool. However, if the prize pool is €1,000 or more, the winner gets 80% of the total pot and the other two players get 10% each. That’s such a nice feature because it means that everyone is happy if you end up striking it super lucky with the prize pool multiplier.

Are there fees with these tournaments?

Yes, Twister Sit & Gos do have fees. It is 7% of the total buy-in. You’d be hard pressed to find an online poker tournament that doesn’t have some amount of fees associated with it!

How much does it cost to play?

If you want to play Twister Sit & Gos, the buy-in starts at just €1. That means it’s pretty accessible for everyone. But if your budget is a little higher, you can choose from a range of buy-ins up to €100.

What are the chances of actually getting 1,000x in a Twister Sit & Go?

Now this question isn’t so easy to answer. It depends on how much you buy in for. Long story short, you get a bigger chance of hitting the 1,000x prize pool if you buy-in for a bigger chunk of change. There’s a one in 50,000 of scoring a 1,000x prize pool if you buy in from €1 up to €20. Then you’ve got a one in 20,000 chance of nabbing that juicy prize pool if you buy in for between €50 and €100.

Are there any other types of Twister Sit & Gos?

Well yes there are. There are Wild Twister Sit & Gos, where you go all-in on every hand. That’s well suited to players who want to lean into the chance vibe of the game. Then there’s also the Age of the Gods Twister tournaments, which are an interesting mix of poker and slots. The games proceed much like a regular Twister SNG, but a percentage of your buy-in is added to the Age of the Gods jackpots. Then you could be randomly selected to play the Age of the Gods jackpot game, where you can win a guaranteed prize, before you even start playing your Sit & Go. Sounds fun, doesn’t it? That’s because it is!