Slots RTP

When you’re taking a look at your favorite online casino and you’re trying to decide what game to play, it can be confusing. There is an awful lot of choice out there. Don’t get us wrong, we love a cornucopia of games to choose from. But one game type you just cannot get sick of is progressive jackpot slots.

Not quite sure what they are? Well then this is the post for you. We’re going to take you through the nitty-gritty of these games so you can discover a bit more about them. And if you’re already familiar with progressive jackpot slots, this is going to serve as a reminder about just how great they are to play.

Where can I find progressive jackpot slots?

Progressive jackpot slots are pretty common in the world of online casinos. And for that, we are very grateful. If you go to any decent sized online casino, you should find plenty of progressive jackpot slots that will tickle your fancy. However, one of our absolute favorite places to play this slot variety has got to be bet365. They’ve just got such a great selection, which is nice when you want to switch things up as you play.

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What’s so special about this type of slot?

The reason why we love progressive jackpot slots so much is that you have two ways to win as you play. First of all, you can win cash just by playing the game as normal, like a regular slot. But then there’s also the chance of scoring big with the progressive jackpot.

What is the progressive jackpot? Well, every time someone plays one of these slots, a small amount of cash is added to the jackpot. It could just be a couple of pennies for each spin. But that really adds up, because hundreds or even thousands of players could be spinning at any given time.

In many cases, you can see the progressive jackpot amount rising in real-time as you play. That makes things more exciting, trust us.

Then, at some point, a lucky player will trigger the progressive jackpot and release a very juicy payday. It may be days, weeks or months in the making. Generally speaking, the longer it takes, the bigger the jackpot prize. And you never know, it could be you who walks away with the cash!

Depending on the slot, some cannot be triggered until the jackpot reaches a minimum threshold. For others, they are triggered at regular intervals, with some delivering jackpot prizes daily. Meanwhile others are completely random.

In some cases, several slots share one giant progressive jackpot. So any time you play any of the games, you’ve got the chance to strike it lucky. That gives you both variety and the opportunity to win big.

Is there any way to maximize my chances of hitting the jackpot?

To be very honest, there aren’t a lot of tips and tricks we can give you. An obvious one is to make sure you only play games with a minimum jackpot amount once it’s hit its minimum. And if a jackpot in another slot can only be hit once per day and it’s already paid out, possibly a good idea to shop around for an alternative option.

A lot of people make a lot of noise about hot slots. There is of course some truth in the fact that if it’s been a while since a progressive jackpot slot has released a motherlode of cash, it’s bound to happen sooner or later. But that’s the point, it could be any time. We do think if there’s a particularly juicy jackpot that catches your eye, it’s worth spinning the reels. Because even if you don’t hit the jackpot, the extra excitement of what could happen will add to your enjoyment. It’s like doing the lotto. Half the fun is in imagining what might happen if you do strike it lucky.

What are some great progressive jackpot slots?

Here are some of our favourites that you should look out for…

  • Age of the Gods brand (including Norse Legends, Mighty Midas, Book of Oracle)
  • Kingdoms Rise brand (including Battle Beast, Shadow Queen, Chasm of Fear)
  • Sporting Legends brand (including Ascot, AP McCoy, Frankie Dettori)
  • Joker Hot Reels
  • Rhino Blitz
  • Football Flaming Bars