free spins on online slots

Free spins on online slots are pretty common. But what exactly are they? How can you use them? And are they really as good as they seem?

We’re going to attempt to tackle these questions and more in this guide. Just like the A-Z of slots, this is a pretty great article for beginners and long time slots players alike.

Because it never hurts to brush up on your slots knowledge, does it? After all, we know that an informed player makes better decisions during their online casino sesh.

Free spins on online slots explained

Free spins on online slots simply let you spin the reels a certain number of times for free. Which is great. So instead of playing with your own cash, you’re playing for free instead.

This can help you explore the games a little more and, if you’re lucky, net you some winnings along the way.

There are two main types of free spins. One type you are awarded as part of a promotion. And the other you get while playing slots games. We’re going to examine both.

Free spins from promotions

It’s pretty common for online casinos to dish out free spins as part of promotions. For example, you can check out the bet365 casino promotions running right now. And it’s always worth your while seeing if any of their sports or poker promotions have free spins on offer too. The sometimes do crossover offers. Oh and if you’re not signed up yet, use this bet365 bonus code when you do.

Sometimes you get awarded these free spins when you fulfil certain tasks. For example, if you deposit a certain amount, enter a prize draw or wager a certain amount on a particular slot.

When you get your free spins, usually you can use them in a particular range of slot games. Check out the promotional page to see if there are lists of what games you can play.

This is great because it gives you a good opportunity to try games you might not otherwise have found. Often these featured games are new.

The free spins will have a set value, often it’s €0.10. And then at good online casinos, any winnings you get, you can withdraw immediately if you like. In some online casinos there are wagering requirements though, so watch out for the terms and conditions.

Wagering requirements can be a pain. For example, if there’s a 10x wagering requirement on your winnings and you’ve won €1, you’ll have to wager an additional €10 before you can withdraw your €1 of winnings.

But thankfully online casinos like bet365 don’t usually go in for those wagering requirements.

Free spins as part of a slots game

The other type of free spins on online slots are those that you get in the game itself. They’re awarded and then typically you use them during that slots session. They aren’t available to bank and use later on.

You can get free spins if you get a certain number of scatter symbols, during bonus rounds or they might simply be randomly triggered. They’re a fantastic way of building up your prize money fast.

You can find them in lesser-known slots, Egyptian themed slots, progressive jackpot slots and more. The only place you’re not likely to find them is on classic slots, that hark back to the old days of slot machines.