Euro Trash Or Continental Gold: We’re Talking European Roulette

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If you don’t know how to play European roulette, don’t worry. We’re here to tell you everything you need to know.

The concept of roulette is pretty straightforward, but when you have a bit of the lingo and odds down, it’s even more fun to play.

The basics

Pretty much everyone who’s ever been to a casino or even seen a casino in a movie knows what a roulette wheel looks like. But if you’ve never played roulette, it might interest you to know that there are two main types: European and American.

As the name suggests, American roulette is most common in the United States. Meanwhile, European roulette rules the roost in much of the rest of the world.

You can find out a little more about the origins and split of both games in our quick history of roulette

Why are we talking European roulette here? Well simply because we love it. It’s got slightly better odds and that means less losses for the average punter. The house advantage is 2.63%, which is quite attractive.

Although once you know how to play European roulette, American will come easy too.

How to play European roulette


A European roulette wheel has 37 different number slots. That’s 1-36 and a single 0 slot.

Roulette is a game with French origins, so a lot of its lingo is originally in French too.

Here are some of the key terms you need to know:

  • Croupiers: the people who take your bets
  • Chef de partie: Game supervisor
  • Faites vos jeux: place your bets
  • Rien ne va plus: No more bets
  • En prison: When you place a 1:1 bet and the ball lands on a zero

There are several different types of bets in European roulette, each with their own  odds and payouts.

High risk bets and payouts

  • 35:1 pay outs for straight up bets (on a single number or zero)
  • 17:1 pay outs for split bets (on adjacent numbers)
  • 11:1 pay outs for street bets (on a row of 3 numbers)
  • 8:1 pay outs for corner bets (on a group of 4 numbers)

Medium risk bets and payouts

  • 5:1 pay outs for line bets (on a group of 6 numbers)
  • 2:1 pay outs for column or dozen bets (on a group of 12 numbers) 
  • 1:1 pay outs for color, odd/even and high/low bets

Where to play European Roulette?

It’s easy to find European Roulette. It’s available in almost every bricks and mortar casino. And, of course, you can play it online.

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But if you want to host it in your own house, why not see if you can borrow or rent a roulette wheel and throw your own DIY casino night?

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