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Not sure if Live Casino games are for you? We get the confusion, trust us.

On the one hand, you’ve got in-person play and on the other you’ve got online games. Why mix the two into some weird half and half situation? Is it the best of both worlds or, perhaps, the worst?

Let’s take a closer look at Live Casino games and find out.

What are Live Casino games?

Alright, let’s start at the start. Live Casino games are when you log on to an online casino and you watch a real life person play out your bet. So a croupier or dealer is in front of you in a casino-like environment placing your bets.

Then you can watch if the cards or wheel bring in your bet in real time. These Live Casino broadcasts are filmed in super high quality (or at least they should be if you go to a good online casino) and as long as your internet connection is decent, it should feel like you’re in the room with them.

Is there usually a big variety of Live Casino games?

Again, this will depend on the quality of online casino you’re visiting. Good ones will do a variety of game types and they’ll do them well. Typically, it won’t be as many as the regular versions, but there should be more than enough to let you choose your favorites.

Some games you can expect in most decent online casinos are roulette, blackjack, baccarat, sic bo, slots, hi-lo and even game show style games.

Some of these even give you the opportunity to win a progressive jackpot! So look out for that.

Are the return to player percentages decent?

In general, you can expect in and around the same RTPs on Live Casino games as you can on regular ones. About 85% is usually the lowest and some even go up to 99%.

Where can I find them?

Not all online casinos carry Live Casino offerings. They’ve basically got to be a big enough operation to run it or pay someone else to put on the service on their behalf.

For that reason, if you’re playing on a smaller site, or maybe a slots specific site, for example, you might not find Live Casino games.

However, one place that has a great selection is bet365. Plus, you can use this bet365 bonus code for an excellent welcome offer.

What are the alternatives to Live Casino games?

We think Live Casino is a great option to get a little bit more out of your next session. But if you’re not in the humor, then there are plenty of options too.

You can obviously stick to the regular casino games. And if you’re a slots fan in particular, you’ll definitely have more variety if you don’t choose live. Plus, there’ll be lots of card and table games to choose from too.

If you want an authentic in-person experience, why not pick your favorite casino games and play them on a DIY casino night with a couple of friends. It could be very fun!

Or you could check out your local casino. Or go the whole hog and go to Sin City to get the full experience!