Even if you’re a longtime casino game fan, there might be one or two things that have evaded you. Sometimes it just feels like it’s gone on for too long for you to really feel comfortable asking the straightforward questions.  But at Bonusreferrercode.com. we want you to get all the knowledge you need so that you can have as much fun as possible during your next casino game session. Whatever the question, big or small, we always try to answer it for you in a straightforward way. And that’s why we decided to put together this beginners guide to blackjack.

What is blackjack?

So with this beginners guide to blackjack, of course we’re going to start at the very start and explain what blackjack is. You might already be aware (but if not, no judgement) that blackjack is a card game. During this card game, you go head-to-head with the dealer. Put simply, that means the aim of the game is beating the dealer.

In order to win the game, you have to reach a total score of 21 or at the very least get as close to 21 as you can without going over it. If you get closer than the dealer, you win the game. If you go over 21, you go bust and lose.

Reach blackjack in just two cards? Good job. If that happens, you get a 3-2 payoff. However if the dealer also hits the target 21 in two cards then the game is a draw and you simply get back your original bet.

How does blackjack start?

Blackjack starts with the dealer shuffling portions of the packs of cards. Then one of the players cuts the pack. This means the last 60-75 cards won’t be in play. This makes counting difficult, thus making it a more exciting and overall more fair game.

Then all players will place their bets. At this point, the dealer gives each player one face-up card and also deals a face-up card to themselves. Then everyone gets a second card, but this time it’s face down. After that point, you have to decide on your actions. And this all depends on the points your hand is worth and what the other players have. More on that later in the article…

How do the cards score in blackjack?

In order to figure out how many points your hand scores, you have to know how many points each card is worth. For blackjack, the suits don’t matter for your total score. The only thing that counts is the rank. Here’s how points are awarded:

  • Number cards are worth their face value, so that means a 10 of hearts is worth 10 points
  • Face cards (kings, queens, jacks) are each worth 10 points
  • Aces can be worth either 1 point or 11 points

Beginners guide to blackjack lingo

Like most casino games, blackjack has certain terms that are frequently used. But if no one tells you what they mean, they can get confusing fast. So we’re here to break it down for you…

  • Hard hand: hand without an ace
  • Soft hand: hand with an ace
  • Hit: you want another card
  • Stand: keep your hand as it is
  • Double down: you double your bet, you get one more card and then you stand
  • Split: get two cards of the same value, which you then use to create two new hands. You double your bet and play both hands
  • Insurance: you get the chance to take out insurance if the dealer has a face-up ace. This equates to half your original bet. It means you don’t lose any money if the dealer wins the hand

Keep this in mind when you’re playing…

As a rule of thumb you should…

  • If the dealer has a 10, hit until you have 17 or above
  • Never split 10s or 5s
  • Split Aces, unless the dealer has one too
  • Unless the dealer has an Ace, double down if you have 11
  • If the dealer has six, stand with 12
  • If the dealer has six or lower, stand on your hard 13-16
  • When the dealer has 4-6, stand with 12
  • Stand with a hard 17 or higher
  • Stand with A8 or A9

Where can I play blackjack?

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