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We’ve got the lowdown on the easiest casino games to play at home. We’re going to talk you through all the equipment and know-how you need to play successfully.

So whether you’re hosting a full-on casino party or are just looking for a way to pass the time with your housemates, these ideas will fit the bill.

1. Experiment with baccarat

Baccarat is rarely the first thing people think of when they’re racking their brains for casino games to play at home. But it is such a wonderful choice for so many different reasons.

  • Equipment needed: at least two decks of cards. Casinos use six or eight, but for home games, that’s not really necessary. A set of chips.
  • Players: two to seven. Again, in a casino, it’s up to 14, but we think stick to the lower end.
  • Rules: Read up on baccarat here.

2. Go for a classic with blackjack

Now here is a game that everyone knows, or at least knows of. Blackjack is a hell of a lot of fun and the rules couldn’t be simpler. It’s such a simple game to play, although difficult to master. Perfect for guests of all familiarity with the game.

  • Equipment needed: at least two decks of cards. Like with baccarat, casinos use six or eight. A set of chips comes in handy again.
  • Players: two to seven.
  • Rules: Read up on blackjack here.

3. Release your inner card shark with poker

There are tonnes of different kinds of poker you can play during a casino night. We wouldn’t necessarily recommend playing it all night, unless you want a dedicated poker night. But some quick and easy cash game sessions are always a bit of fun.

  • Equipment needed: two decks of cards. A set of chips.
  • Players: at least five and up to nine. Think about how many sit comfortably around your table.
  • Rules: Now you’ve got to choose what you’re going to play. You could go for a simple five-card stud, Texas hold’em, PLO or shake it up with something like Six Plus Hold’em.

4. Spin the wheel with Roulette

Our first option that isn’t a card game, roulette is in some ways one of the most perfect casino games to play at home because it’s so easy to execute. But the equipment needed is a little tricky. If you’ve got your heart set on it, try to find a secondhand or borrowed roulette wheel.

  • Equipment needed: roulette wheel. A set of chips.
  • Players: two to seven.
  • Rules: Read up on roulette here.

What are the best casino games to play at home by yourself?

Now we’ve tackled all the best casino games to play at home with other people, but what if you’re having some time by yourself? You don’t need to miss out on the fun.

You can pass a little time by playing games online. To recreate the feeling of playing in person, why not try some Live Casino games? Or for a really different experience, try out some new slots like Walking Dead 2 or else our beloved progressive jackpot slots

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