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If there is one sport that can be said to offer punters more options each and every day across the globe like no other, then that sport is tennis.

We may think that there are hundreds of football games played most days, but the sheer number of tennis matches, across a wide number of different tours in both the singles and doubles arena, means that often there is a far wider choice of tennis betting markets available daily than any other sport.

There is also the fact that the tennis season runs pretty much all year round, with Grand Slam events such as Wimbledon, the US Open, the French Open and the Australian Open dotted throughout the year.  In between these key events, there’s hundreds of different tournaments spread around the several levels of tour for professionals.

As such, if you are a serious punter, or just a fan of the sport itself, tennis betting is a key market for any budding betting site to have the basics down and so we are going to take a closer look at how PokerStars Sports have approached tennis betting and what exactly they offer their customers.

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Key features for tennis bettors on PokerStars Sports

The great news for tennis fans is that PokerStars Sports have an excellent choice of tennis betting. They obviously have all the odds for the bigger tennis games on the ATP and WTA tours, including both singles and doubles matches, but if you dig down a little further on the site, you can find matches available from the Challenger Tours. There is also extensive betting possible on the ITF Futures Tour, which features a whole host of additional matches from all around the globe.

However, the further down the tours you go, then the less betting markets for each match you will find. For example on a typical ITF Future tour match, you may have a choice of between three to eight different markets, for a top game on the ATP or WTA Tour, especially in a Grand Slam, you will have a choice of many, many more different types of betting market.

What this means is that you can bet on the smaller events on the Challenger tour across the most common markets such as Match Betting for example. But for the larger events, you can bet on a wide variety of different markets, such as who will win each of the games in the set, what the correct score will be of a given set and many, many more.

In Play tennis betting at PokerStars

Tennis is one of the best sports for in play betting enthusiasts and the great news is that PokerStars Sports have absolutely nailed its in play offering for tennis. There are a huge number of games across all levels of tour you can bet in play on.

Again the number of markets available does depend on how ‘big’ the game is and the tour it is taking place on, not to mention how valuable the tournament is. That said, in terms of choice for in play betting fans each day, there are a huge number of tennis games available to bet on, in play, at all times of the day from matches being played across the globe.

There is a dedicated In Play section on the website which allows you to quickly view each of the games currently in progress and clicking on the game will bring up all the possible betting markets you can back for that match.

Remember though, Tennis is a fast moving game, so if you are going to bet in play on it for the first time, remember not to hesitate or the bet you want to make may quickly become unavailable.


PokerStars Sports tennis betting is certainly one of the stronger aspects of the site. It offers punters plenty of choice across a wide range of tennis tournaments from many different tours across the globe.

Tennis fans will find everything they need to bet at PokerStars Sports.