Sky Poker loyalty rewards

One of the best aspects of any top quality poker site, such as Sky Poker, is that loyal customers who use the site frequently and spend above a certain amount of money each month are rewarded for that loyalty in a number of different ways.

Reward schemes are one way that sites can keep punters playing and in some cases, the quality of the reward scheme on offer plays a significant part in persuading key customers, especially the high roller, to remain a loyal member of the site.

Recently, Sky Poker has given its own rewards scheme, called Sky Poker Rewards, a big facelift and a radical new look which means that more customers than ever are now entitle to receive at least some reward for their play on the site. In this article, we are going to take a look at the new rewards scheme, how it works and what the benefits are to Sky Poker customers.

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How Sky Poker Rewards is now organised

There are now two different rewards available for Sky Poker customers. The first and most accessible rewards option is the Weekly Sky Poker Rewards scheme but for those customers who Sky Poker Rewardsspend a larger amount of money on Sky Poker each month, there is also a Monthly Sky Poker Priority Rewards scheme that these customers can also qualify for alongside the weekly reward scheme.

Most Sky Poker players who play on the site relatively frequently will likely qualify for at least the lower level Sky Poker Weekly Reward, however only those who play on the site a great deal will likely qualify for the Monthly Priority Rewards on offer.

The entire rewards scheme is based on Sky Poker Points, which are earned each time a Sky Poker customer plays a real cash game on the site, or via mobile.  Players earn points at the rate of six points per £1 of rake paid on Cash games and 10 points per £1 in registration fees paid for Sit and Go or Multi Table Tournaments.

Once you become a member at Sky Poker you are immediately registered on the Sky Poker Rewards scheme and there is no need to opt in, join or enter any codes to participate in this offer.

Let’s take a look at the weekly and monthly reward schemes on offer from Sky Poker and what benefits they give to customers.

Weekly Sky Poker Rewards

One of the biggest alterations made to the new Sky Poker Rewards scheme compared to the old was that the level at which users could start to enjoy benefits from the scheme was shifted to a lower level. This means that more players than ever before can now start to feel the benefits of the rewards scheme.

The weekly rewards are handed out every week within 48 hours of the closing date and are based on how much you have played on Sky Poker in the past week and as such, how many Poker Points you have built up during that qualifying week. The more Poker Points you earn, the greater your reward will be.

There are six reward levels (represented by the Awards Badge) and what you receive as a bonus and a benefit are outlined in the box below.

Rewards Badge Poker Points Required Bonus Earned Other Benefit
Blue 50 to 99 None £1k Freeroll Mon – Fri
Steel 100 to 499 £2.30 Tournament Token £1k Freeroll Mon – Fri
Bronze 500 to 999 1p per point earned £1k Freeroll Mon – Fri
Silver 1000 to 1499 1.25 per point earned £1k Freeroll Mon – Fri
Gold 1500 to 1999 1.5p per point earned £1k Freeroll Mon – Fri
Platinum 2000+ 2p per point earned £1k Freeroll Mon – Fri

The bonuses start at the Steel level with a £2.30 Tournament Token (although this has been paid in cash due to a technical issue with the site for the past few weeks) and after you reach the bronze level, you receive cash back at the rates outlined. For example, at platinum level, if you earn 3000 points at 2p per point, you would earn 6,000p, or £60 in cash back from Sky Poker.

In addition to the bonuses paid, all players who earn a rewards badge in a qualifying week receive entry into five weekday £1k Rewards Freeroll events held Monday to Friday each week at 7.30pm every weekday. Registration for the daily event opens at 5pm and you must register to participate in the freeroll.

In addition, from the 1st July through until the 14th August, Sky Poker are also offering a UK Poker Championships Seat worth £550 for the winner of each Daily Rewards Freeroll, alongside the prize money available (a large chunk of the £1,000 guaranteed prize pool).

If you find that you are a Platinum member that regularly earns more than 2,500 Poker Points in a week, then you will also likely qualify for the next stage of the bonus, the Monthly Priority Rewards.

Monthly Sky Poker Priority Rewards

Earn more than 10,000 Poker Points in a given month and you become a Sky Rewards Priority member and qualify for an additional reward in the form of a Monthly Rakeback on your spending with Sky Poker.

You still receive entry into the weekly Freerolls as a key benefit, but Sky Poker Priority Rewards members also receive rakeback at differing amounts depending on how many Poker Points they earned in the preceding month.

Priority Bronze Members earn 10,000 to 19,999 Poker Points in a month and earn 10% Rakeback on their spent.  Priority Silver earn 20,000 to 29,999 in a month and a 12.5% Rakeback. Priority Gold members earn from 30,000 to 49,999 in a month and earn 15% rakeback and the highest level is Priority Platinum for customers who earn 50,000 or more Poker Points in a month who receive 20% rake back.

It is important to note that these monthly rewards are in addition to the weekly rewards that you would receive.

Rewards Accelerator Promotions

Finally, there is another great way you can increase the amount of Sky Poker Points you earn in a given month and that is when Sky Poker run one of its Rewards Accelerator promotions.Sky Poker Rewards Accelerator offer

When scheduled, these events state a date and a number of times where players can earn Sky Poker points at increased rates, such as 2x, 3x and 4x the regular amount of points.

The site will advertise when a Rewards Accelerator event is taking place and if you tune in and play at the set time using the set method (some of these promotions are mobile-specific) then the number of Sky Poker Points you earn will be doubled, trebled or even quadrupled.

All you need to do to take advantage of this offer is log in and play real cash games via the stated method in order to receive the bonus and they are a great way to easily boost your monthly or weekly points collection.

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