Making a Sky Account

Knowledge is the key to poker success. It is what all players strive to gain more of every time they play. There are many forms of poker knowledge that you need to become conversant with; the rules of the game and hand rankings are the most obvious forms, but you also need to understand basic poker strategy and also how to glean knowledge about your opponents hands and their tendencies when playing.

Of course, you can spend a great deal of time (and money) playing poker in real life and on poker sites like Sky Poker to help gain this information and indeed, experience is a very good way to enhance your poker skills.

Yet on Sky Poker there is another valuable tool that new players can use extensively to gain information about the game, their play and how other players on the site think and behave. It is the Sky Poker Community; a forum where many Sky Poker players come together each day to share their insights, observations, hints and tips about the game.

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Take advantage of a vast wealth of knowledge

The Community on Sky Poker can be viewed a vast repository of Poker knowledge and insight. The posts in the forum are arranged into several different categories, such as The Poker Clinic – which is specifically designed to help users on Sky Poker improve their game (and as such is a great place for new players to start). Other categories include Punter’s Corner, Poker Chat, Team Talk, Brags, Beats and Variance, Sky Poker T.V. Channel, Sky Poker Tour, Football Corner and Sky Poker Announcements.

New players can learn a lot

New players can pick up great hints and tips through looking through some of the posts in each of these forums, or posting their own queries onto the site for other more experienced players to answer. You can even take note of your hand history and download the data, upload it into the Community pages and ask experienced players what they would do given your hand and the way the betting has gone. This is an invaluable aspect of the site as if you want to learn from your mistakes and become a much stronger poker player, using the knowledge of others more experienced than you is a great way to gain access to this information.

Another aspect of the community that is useful, especially for new players seeking cheap gaming opportunities is the Announcements section. Periodically checking here will alert you to the forthcoming offers and promotions available on the site and also give you advance warning of any special events that Sky Poker have planned. This is a great way to get advance notification of these events, many of which are freerolls and very popular, meaning you’ll need to register quickly in order to secure your place in the tournament.

Boost your skills by reading the advice of others

Once you have gained some of the basic and experience as a poker player to count yourself as more than a novice at the game then the Brags, Beats and Variance section of the site will make compelling reading. In this section, players can seek more detailed advice about hands and what they should do to end a losing streak. Again, you can post details of an actual hand you played, and you can also brag about winning a game, or tournament if you are fortunate enough to do so.

The sections in the Community part of the Sky Poker site are very long and detailed and contain a vast amount of information for players to search through. Hidden in these pages are some gems of advice and help for beginners, as well as more technical advice for more experienced players. The community is also a very useful part of the site when used to make announcements or to publicise a forthcoming event on Sky Poker.

Best of all, it is an active forum, meaning that posts are answered often and there are enough people on the site who participate in the forum to make it a worthwhile experience using it and learning from the information it contains within.

The Sky Poker Community forum is an excellent resource especially or new players, and also for more experienced poker players. It contains plenty of great information that players can learn from and performs many functions on the site. It is well worth taking a little time to read through some of the posts and see what you can learn to help make you a better poker player.

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