7 Things To Keep In Mind When You Get Dealt Pocket Sixes

poker pocket sixes

Poker pocket sixes are tricky enough to manage. It’s a solid mid-strength hand, which makes it hard to know what to do.

The truth is, there’s no one size fits all game play when you’re dealt poker pocket sixes. But we’re going to take you through some of the key things you should know about the hand so you can play it to maximum effect (or potentially pass and dodge some losses). Like we said, it’s complicated.

1. Don’t underestimate the power of poker pocket sixes

Sure, we’re all hoping that the dealer is going to dish out pocket aces, kings or queens. But pocket sixes aren’t to be sniffed at. Trust us. Especially early on in the game, these mid-strength pockets are probably going to be stronger than anything else that’s just been dished out. So hold strong.

2. Orientate yourself at the table

We all know that where you’re sitting at the table makes a big difference as to how you should play your hand. If you’re in late position, you’re probably pretty solid to move ahead with those pocket sixes. In the first few seats? Proceed with caution…

3. Treat yourself to a look at the flop

Listen, if you have pocket sixes, in most situations, you should probably see the flop. If you can do that without putting in a hell of a lot of chips (ie there’s no aggressive player breathing down your neck with crazy raises or re-raises), then it’s usually worth your while. Then you can make a more informed decisions as the game plays out.

4. Get a handle on the odds

With poker pocket sixes, you’ve got to do the math on the odds. Exactly how likely is it that you’ll win with this hand? The chances of you seeing another six on the flop, turn or river is about 7.5 to 1. And that’s not half bad, really. But of course, as you play, take a look at the board and see if it’s likely your opponents could make a flush or a straight draw out of those shared community cards.

5. Gauge what the other players are doing

As you play, remember that you should always be adjusting your game to what your opponents are doing. They might have tells or just simple game play that could reveal a lot about what they’re holding. So don’t ignore it if your passive player is suddenly doing something bold. Or indeed, if everyone seems a little lacklustre, it could be a good time to pounce.

6. Get aggressive if your poker pocket sixes turn into a set

If the community cards are kind and a six pops up, then you should seize the moment. Do a solid, strong bet and see if you can maximize your opportunity to make a killing with your killer hand.

7. Practice as much as you can

Okay, so you can’t rig the game so you always get dealt poker pocket sixes. But the more you play, they more likely you’ll get dealt them. Then you can get a feel for how the hand plays out in different situations. One of our favorite places to play online is bet365. It’s got a solid set of promotions, really decent software and player field. Plus we’ve got this bet365 bonus code up our sleeve too…

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