Show Your Teeth On The Felt And Rake In The Chips

playing poker aggressively

We get that playing poker aggressively can feel scary at the start. But do you know what, it just might be the thing that can give you that boost you need on the felt.

Listen, we’re not saying you should never be caution and never fold. But too often, we see players who are weakened by the thought that they can never take risks. But the truth is calculated risks are what take you from slowly dwindling away chips to creating a big stack and bossing the table.

In short, when you do it correctly, playing poker aggressively can make you into a winner. And that’s really what we’re all aiming for at the end of the day, right?

The basics of playing poker aggressively

How do you start playing poker aggressively? It’s easy. All you really need to do is start raising and betting more often. And the advice is pretty similar across all game types, including Texas Hold’em and Omaha.

When you have a strong hand like pocket queens, this is a real no brainer. But it can be useful in other situations too, for example, when your opponents are acting a little weak.

When you’re playing poker aggressively, your opponents are on the defensive and you’re taking control of the game. When you’re in the driver’s seat, it’s more likely that you can win.

Table position can be important here too, of course. So keep aggressive play in mind when you’re in late positions especially.

It’s also possible to bluff while playing aggressively. But with all of these moves, the trick is not to bluff excessively. Otherwise your fellow players will cotton on and start calling you more and more.

But there are risks too…

Playing poker aggressively actually isn’t about being super aggressive all the time. It’s about picking your battles. When you play poker in only one mode or style, your opponents are going to pick that up and use your predictability against you. So make sure you exercise some caution and choose the right moments to execute an aggressive play.

Mixing in cautious plays will serve to keep your fellow players guessing about your style. It’s a must.

Coming up against aggressive opponents

Aha. Maybe someone else has been reading this article and they’re now going hell for leather. So what do you do when you’re face with someone who’s playing poker aggressively? Quite simply, hold your ground. If you have a solid footing, don’t back down. You can use well-timed raises and traps to squeeze extra chips out of them. But be careful to only do that if you’ve got the cards to match.

Practicing playing poker aggressively

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