Age of the Gods Twister Poker

Ready for a divine twist on your favorite game? Then let’s talk about Age of the Gods Twister Poker.

It’s not your average poker game, oh no.This one comes with a touch of Greek mythology. Classy. It’s fast, fun and packed with the potential for big wins.

1. Poker meets jackpots

At its core, Age of the Gods Twister Poker is a turbo-charged version of the classic Twister Poker. But here’s the catch. It adds a tasty layer of Greek mythology. And you’re not just playing for a payout from the regular prize pot, you’re playing for a shot at divine jackpots too!

2. Twister Poker is quick and easy

The game starts as a three-player, hyper-turbo sit & go tournament. The twist? Before the first hand, a spinner decides the prize pool. It could be anything from 2 to 100 times your buy-in. That means you could turn a few quid into hundreds in minutes!

3. The Age of the Gods Twister jackpots make it divine

And here’s where it gets godly. Every game gives you a chance to win one of four progressive jackpots:

  • Power has a minimum prize fund of €50
  • Extra Power’s minimum is €500
  • Super Power’s minimum is €5,000
  • Ultimate Power’s minimum is €100,000

Just being in the game is enough to trigger the jackpot game. It all happens before your game of poker starts. If you’re the chosen one, just match three symbols in the mini game to win one of four jackpots.

4. Play fast, win big

These games are quick. Each player starts with a small stack and the blind levels go up fast. This means action-packed gameplay. You won’t be sitting around waiting, that’s for sure. It’s all about quick decisions and big moves.

5. Strategy still matters

Once you’re playing the poker part of Age of the Gods Twister Poker, strategy definitely kicks in. Yes, it’s fast. Yes, luck plays a part. But good decisions still lead to more wins on any poker table, no matter the variety. Know when to hold’em, know when to fold’em and when to push your stack in. 

6. The price is right

You don’t need a fat wallet to join these gods. Buy-ins are affordable. They start low, so anyone can get a taste of divine action without breaking the bank. But if you are a high roller, you’ll find spicier buy-ins too.

7. It’s not all or nothing

Didn’t hit that big multiplier? Don’t sweat it. Even the lower multipliers offer a chance to get a decent return on your buy in. And remember, the fact that any game can trigger the jackpot gives you yet another way to take home some serious dosh.

8. You can find it at bet365

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