poker pop culture

Poker isn’t just a card game, you know. It’s a pop culture phenomenon. Poker pop culture has been dealt into countless TV shows, movies and songs, proving that the allure of poker reaches far beyond the felt-topped tables of Las Vegas.

The silver screen

Feel like going to the movies? We sure do. And there are some stone-cold classics that feature poker. Take Casino Royale, as an example, This is the film that redefined James Bond not just as a man of action, but also a cunning poker player. In the tense, high-stakes showdown of Texas Hold’em, Bond’s cool demeanor and sharp mind shine. The scene isn’t just thrilling; it’s stylish and sophisticated, capturing the essence of modern poker.

Shifting gears to a different vibe, the movie Rounders offers a gritty, authentic look at the underground poker scene of the early 1990s. Matt Damon and Edward Norton navigate the world of high-stakes poker, making and breaking alliances as they go. This film helped spark a poker boom in the late 1990s by showing how strategy and intense drama unfolds at the tables.

And those aren’t the only poker pop culture movies about. We’ve got plenty more we love

The small screen

And now onto the small screen. Television loves a good poker game. One of the most epic ones has got to be in the Friends episode called, The One With All The Poker. Here, poker is more about friendship and less about money. It’s fun, light-hearted and relatable. It makes us want to host a good old fashioned poker night, if we’re honest.

For a taste of reality, nothing really beats a fly-on-the-wall show like High Stakes Poker. This brings viewers into the world of professional play, showing us how real players win real money. Plus there are the odd guest appearances from celebrities who are no strangers to the poker tables. We love how shows like this offer a peek into the psychology of high-level poker.

Let it play

Not only do we love playing the game, we love hearing music about it too. An obvious recent addition to the stable of wonderful poker music is Beyonce with Texas Hold’em. We don’t know about you, but it’s playing on repeat in our house these days.

A more classic poker tune is Kenny Rogers’ The Gambler, with its famous advice: “know when to hold’em, know when to fold’em.” It’s become a poker anthem, with life advice wrapped win the lights and lows of poker play.


Poker pop culture has reached pretty much every corner of the arts. For instance, DC Comics’ The Joker, often finds himself at a card table, using games to mirror his chaotic nature. Meanwhile, video games like Red Dead Redemption use poker as a way to immerse players in the Wild West setting, blending strategy with storytelling.

On the internet, poker maintains a strong presence. There are Twitch streamers and YouTube channels dedicated to poker strategies and games attract thousands of viewers. Plus you can always find a solid poker podcast to listen to too.

And if you feel like partaking in a little poker pop culture…

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