Yes! I’ve Just Been Dealt Pocket Aces (…But What Do I Do Now?)

poker pocket aces

So you’ve just been dealt poker pocket aces, huh? You’re feeling like the queen of the world right now. And you should!

Poker pocket aces are, of course, the best starting hand in Texas Hold’em, after all. But don’t get too cocky. There’s a fine line between winning big and losing your stack when you get dealt a hand like this.

Right, so play these bad boys right and keep your poker face intact while you do it!

The thrill of pocket aces

First things first. Getting pocket aces is like finding a $20 bill in your old jeans. It’s exciting. It gives you a rush. But remember, with great power comes great responsibility. While powerful. pocket aces can be tricky to play. You don’t want to scare everyone off, but you also don’t want to slow play them into oblivion. Balance is key, dear reader.

Pre-flop moment of truth

Alright, you’ve got your pocket rockets. Now what? Pre-flop is your time to shine. You want to build the pot but also narrow the field. A good rule of thumb is to raise. Make it a standard raise, maybe three to five times the big blind. This shows you mean business without yelling “Hey, I’ve got pocket aces!”. And if everyone folds, well, you’ve just won the blinds. Not glamorous, but it’s a win.

On the other hand, someone re-raises you, don’t panic. This is actually great news. Go ahead and match it at the very least. Or maybe even add on another little raise. Pocket aces are strong enough to handle a bit of additional risk.

Keep your cool on the flop

The flop is where things get interesting. You’ve built the pot and now you need to stay in control. If the flop shows low, unconnected cards, smile internally. You’re still likely ahead. But remember, poker is all about reading the situation.

If the flop looks a little riskier, like three cards to a straight or flush, proceed with caution. Bet to protect your hand, but don’t go overboard. A moderate bet will do. You want to keep your opponents on their toes without revealing your golden ticket(s).

Finishing strong on the turn and the river

By the time you get to the turn, you should have a good read on your opponents. Are they aggressive? Passive? Use this info to your advantage. If you’re still confident in your hand, bet again. Keep the pressure on.

The river is where champions are made (unless everyone else folds before you get there). If you’re sure that you have the best hand, go for that value bet. Milk every last chip you can from your opponents. But if the board looks scary, consider checking. Sometimes it’s better to play it safe and win a smaller pot than to lose big. Trust us, we speak from experience.

Finding somewhere good to play

Listen, due to the RNGs used to draw poker cards, you’re not going to increase your chances of getting poker pocket aces depending on where you play. But if you play somewhere decent, it’s just going to make you get a little more out of your sessions. And if you play more, you’re more likely to get pocket aces. It’s just a basic rule of averages. One of our favorite places to play online is bet365. And you can get pretty great value if you sign up using this bet365 bonus code.

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