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Will You Be A Bracelet Winner With Sky Poker’s UKOPS XIX

You may well be wondering why we’ve posted our usual article on BRC a little earlier than usual, well that is because today Sky Poker’s exciting United Kingdom Online Poker Series (UKOPS) XIX (19) gets under way from 7.00pm UK Time.

From Tuesday 11th April through until late on Monday 17th April (perhaps even into the early hours of Tuesday morning), Sky Poker will be the host of a grand total of 44 individual tournaments that are part of the UKOPS series. With more than £250,000 up for grabs across the full range of promotions, and a wide range of buy ins to suit all bankrolls, this is an online poker tournament that is open to all.

There’s even a fantastic Super Satellite event on the Saturday night which allows you a chance to win one of 20 seats guaranteed into the £30,000 Main Event taking place on Sunday, all for a buy in of just £24.

So there has never been a better time to dig out the latest Sky Poker promo code and sign up by following the previous link. Do so now and you could be perfectly placed to participate in this outstanding online poker event and who knows, you could be one of the lucky players celebrating a big win at the end of seven days of top poker action.

UKOPS XIX Schedule of Tournaments

Outlined below is the entire schedule of tournaments you can participate in on each day. Some of the bigger buy in events offer a chance to players to satellite their way into the event by playing in a series of qualifying tournaments throughout the week on Sky Poker. Check out the site for more details on all the different satellites available for these events.

Tournaments in the scheduled that are outlined in bold are the top events of the week and the winners of these events will receive a prestigious UKOPS Winner’s bracelet on top of the money they win for being victorious in that tournament.

Tuesday 11th April

Tournament NameStart TimeBuy InGuaranteeBlindsStack
UKOPS 01 – £2,000 Deep Stack7pm£22£2,000105,000
UKOPS 02 – £15,000 High Roller7.30pm£220£15,000125,000
UKOPS 03 – £15,000 Bounty Hunter8pm£110£15,000125,000
UKOPS 04 – £2,500 Bounty Hunter8.30pm£5.50£2,500103,000
UKOPS 05 – £5,000 Bounty Hunter9pm£22£5,000103,000
UKOPS 06 – £4,000 Turbo Bounty H.10pm£55£4,00075,000

Wednesday 12th April

Tournament NameStart TimeBuy InGuaranteeBlindsStack
UKOPS 07 – £3,000 Bounty Hunter7pm£22£3,000103,000
UKOPS 08 – £1,000 Pot Limit Omaha7.30pm£22£1,000103,000
UKOPS 09 – £10,000 Rebuy8pm£55£10,000123,000
UKOPS 10 – £3,000 Rebuy8.30pm£5.50£3,000102,000
UKOPS 11 – £5,000 Bounty Hunter9pm£22£5,000103,000
UKOPS 12 – £4,000 Turbo Bounty H10pm£55£4,00075,000

Thursday 13th April

Tournament NameStart TimeBuy InGuaranteeBlindsStack
UKOPS 13 – £3,000 Bounty Hunter7pm£22£3,000103,000
UKOPS 14 – £1,000 PLO87.30pm£22£1,000103,000
UKOPS 15 – £15,000 Bounty Hunter8pm£110£15,000125,000
UKOPS 16 – £2,500 Bounty Hunter8.30pm£5.50£2,500103,000
UKOPS 17 – £5,000 Rebuy9pm£22£5,000102,000
UKOPS 18 – £4,000 Turbo Bounty H10pm£55£4,00075,000

Sky Poker

Friday 14th April

Tournament NameStart TimeBuy InGuaranteeBlindsStack
UKOPS 19 – £3,000 Bounty Hunter7pm£22£3,000103,000
UKOPS 20 – £3,000 Dealer Stealer7.30pm£22£3,000103,000
UKOPS 21 – £15,000 Rebuy B/Hunter8pm£22£15,000122,000
UKOPS 22 – £3,000 Mini Rebuy B/H8.30pm£5.50£3,000102,000
UKOPS 23 – £5,000 Bounty Hunter9pm£22£5,000103,000
UKOPS 24 – £4,000 Turbo Bounty H10pm£55£4,00075,000

Saturday 15th April

Tournament NameStart TimeBuy InGuaranteeBlindsStack
UKOPS 25 – £3,000 Bounty Hunter5pm£11£3,000103,000
UKOPS 26 – £2,000 Bounty Hunter7pm£22£3,000103,000
Main Event Super Satellite7.30pm£2420 Seats103,000
UKOPS 27 – £15,000 Bounty Hunter8pm£110£15,000125,000
UKOPS 28 – £2,500 Mini B/Hunter8.30pm£5.50£2,500103,000
UKOPS 29 – £5,000 Bounty Hunter9pm£22£5,000103,000
UKOPS 30 – £4,000 Turbo B/Hunter10pm£55£4,00075,000

Sunday 16th April

Tournament NameStart TimeBuy InGuaranteeBlindsStack
UKOPS 31 – £2,000 Bounty Hunter5pm£11£2,000103,000
UKOPS 32 – £3,000 Deep Stack7pm£22£3,000105,000
UKOPS 33 – £5,000 Bounty Hunter7.30pm£33£5,000103,000
UKOPS 34 – £30,000 MAIN EVENT8pm£110£30,0001510,000
UKOPS 35 – £2,500 Mini Freezeout8.30pm£11£2,500103,000
UKOPS 36 – £5,000 Bounty Hunter9pm£22£5,000103,000
UKOPS 37 – £4,000 Turbo B/Hunter10pm£55£4,00075,000

Monday 17th April

Tournament NameStart TimeBuy InGuaranteeBlindsStack
UKOPS 38 – £2,000 Bounty Hunter5pm£11£2,000103,000
UKOPS 39 – £3,000 Dealer Stealer BH7pm£22£3,000103,000
UKOPS 40 – £25,000 Super High Roller Rebuy7.30pm£530£25,0001510,000
UKOPS 41 – £15,000 Bounty Hunter8pm£110£15,000125,000
UKOPS 42 – £2,500 Mini B/Hunter8.30pm£5.50£2,500103,000
UKOPS 43 – £5,000 Bounty Hunter9pm£22£5,000103,000
UKOPS 44 – £4,000 Turbo B/Hunter10pm£55£4,00075,000

Don’t Forget the UKOPS XIX Total Player Leaderboard

If you are going to participate in several of these tournaments across UKOPS XIX, then you could earn yourself a chance to win one of the Vegas Main Final seats, worth £1,260 in total. Over the course of the UKOPS XIX series of tournaments, players will earn points based on how they perform in events and their finishing positions. The players are then ranked on the UKOPS XIX Total Player Leaderboard after every tournament.

After the final tournament has been completed the leaderboard will be updated and there are a total of 20 prizes of buy ins to big Las Vegas tournaments worth between £95 and £1,260 to be won.

There’s prizes of a seat in the Vegas Main Final for the winner, plus seats in the Side Final, Main Semi and Side Semi for the other players finishing in the top 20 positions.

To earn points you need to finish in a cash place in a tournament. A cash out outside 10th place in a tournament will earn you five points. If you finish 7th to 10th you earn 10 points, 6th earns you 15 points, 5th 20 points, 4th 25 points, 3rd 30 points and second 40 points. If you win a tournament then you’ll earn a total of 50 leaderboard points.

This is a great way to ensure that your play at the UKOPS XIX earns you more than simply the money you could make at the tournament, possibly even securing you a fantastic Las Vegas package trip if you can win one of the top prizes available at the forthcoming Las Vegas Main Event.

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