4 Movies Where Poker Is In The Starring Role

movie about poker

Are you in the mood to watch a movie about poker? Well then we’ve got the list of epic titles for you!

From classics to cheesy to modern gems, you’re going to find a movie about poker that suits your mood right now.

And if you feel like delving even deeper into the world of cards, here aare a couple of poker books we love. Alternatively, play a few hands yourself at an online poker room like bet365 (here’s a handy bet365 bonus code for new players!).

And if you fancy checking out a few thrilling casino movies, take a look at this list!

1. The Cincinnati Kid

Steve McQueen in a movie about poker set in the 1930s? Yeah, we don’t think we can think of a better combinations either. Enter, The Cincinnati Kid.

This is a stone cold classic, pitting a young up and coming player against a jaded card shark. There are some moments that will make you cringe (keep in mind it came out in 1965, so it’s not always politically correct).

But if you can look past that, there are plenty of moments of brilliance in this five-card-stud-studded flick. Transport yourself back to a time before even Texas Hold’em had its hold on the world and enjoy the ride.

2. Rounders

Another movie that has star power is spades is Rounders. Released in 1998, follow Matt Damon and Edward Norton trying to outsmart players at super high stakes games.

In a bid to clear a massive debt, they do everything they can to get into the biggest games around. It’s a thrilling ride and certainly a rite of passage watch for any poker fan.

It rides high on the wave on the rising popularity of poker in the late 1990s too, coming out at just the perfect time to get a cult following by those who were becoming increasingly interested in the game.

3. Molly’s Game

We’ve got a real soft spot for Molly’s Game. It is relatively recent compared to the others on the list, released in 2017.

Here we see another side of poker. Molly Bloom ran super luxe, super exclusive games for billionaires, celebrities and criminals alike.

Based in a true story, this is a fascinating tale. You can see how she ran her games right up until when the FBI forced her to call it quits.

4. Kenny Rogers as The Gambler

The Gambler by Kenny Rogers is probably one of your favorite songs about poker. That’s because it’s one of everyone’s favorite songs about poker.

Capitalizing on his song’s success, the songsmith brought out a movie called Kenny Rogers as The Gambler. Released in 1980 straight to television, this is a fun watch.

A father who’s on a mission to find his son teams up with a spunky young player who wants to make it big on the poker circuit.

The two main characters end up on a very eventful journey from Arizona to Texas, full of scrapes and memorable moments. And more than a few times that you’ll end up shouting at the screen, telling them they should really know when to fold’em!

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