myths about folding

When you’re playing poker, there are countless decisions you can make. Well that’s true to a certain extent. But if you look at it a different way, there are a couple of different things you could do. See, bet, raise, check or fold. And we’re looking at the last one on the list today. Gather round dear readers and learn all about the myths about folding that surround the game. Then learn how you can improve your game with the simple act of folding.

Myths about folding

Let’s cycle through some common myths about folding and BUST them so you don’t go bust.

People who fold a lot in poker are cowards

Let’s all do a synchronized eye roll. Folding is not a sign of poker cowardice. Far from it. Folding takes guts and courage and smarts. You fold not because you’re scared of the action, but because you’re confident in your game plan and in your playing abilities.

Folding leads to boring games

Here’s another big fat NO WAY. We’d much rather be at a table where people fold hands they don’t want to play as opposed to limping in with halfway decent hands only to have to eventually fold anyway after an unsatisfactory flop. No, let’s fold when we know our hands aren’t likely to go anywhere and cut the proverbial crap. In lots of instances, folding actually speeds up the game play overall.

You can’t win if you’re always folding

Well I guess if you’re being technical about it, this is true. It’s pretty near impossible to win if you only ever fold. But listen, if you fold a lot and wait for your good cards to act, you’re a lot more likely to win bigger hands more often. You waste less money betting on weak hands and win more pots by focusing your efforts.

Never fold your lucky hand

Admit it, we’ve all been there. A miraculous win with a mediocre hand and suddenly you put the magic of that triumph down to those two cards. Some divine power has singled you out to be uniquely lucky when you have a 5 and Jack of hearts. And from here on out, you should never fold them. Because to fold those hands means to turn your back on the magic.

Yeah, that’s a load of codswallop. We don’t care what happened in the past, please continue to fold your crappy hands.

Treat yourself to a few guaranteed hands after a big win

So you’ve just won a big pot. It’d be bad form to start folding now. Your stack is nice and fat, so you can afford to dip your toe in and see what happens, even if your next few hands aren’t up to much.

I think you’re going to guess where we stand on this one. It’s just a bad idea. We don’t care how much you won in the last hand, if you’re dealt bad cards, don’t bother playing them.

Where can I put my new folding wisdom to the test?

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