hold'em origin story

There are some things that just feel like they’ve always been there. But it’s a little bit mind-blowing how relatively new to the world some things are. For example, did you know that ciabatta was only invented in the 1980s? Mad. If we wrote a food blog, we’d get more into that one. But as this is Bonus Referrer Code, we’re going to stay a little more on-theme and talk about the Texas Hold’em origin story.

Yes, it does feel like it’s always been around and like it’s always been the poker game of choice. However, that’s definitely not the case. So read on and get fully informed about the world’s favorite poker game.

The Texas hold’em origin story starts in, well, Texas

According to the Texas Legislature no less, Robstown is the Texas City where the Texas hold’em origin story began. Experts theorize that the game was probably first played in the early 20th century. Slowly but surely, word started to spread about this new poker game and it became increasingly popular throughout the state of Texas. But it wasn’t until it broke out of state borders that it really started to gain traction in the poker community.

Viva Las Vegas

That’s right loyal readers, the modern day popularity of Texas hold’em has a whole lot to thank Vegas for. The game hit the strip in the 1960s in a little joint called the California Club, followed by the Golden Nugget. However, evangelists of the game such as Corky McCorquodale knew that it needed a more prominent venue for it to be taken seriously. In 1969, the perfect spot was found. A showcase game of hold’em was held in the Dunes Casino for all to see. This pivotal moment in the Texas hold’em origin story marks when the wider poker communities started to really take notice.

Just a year later, the first World Series of Poker (WSOP) was held, also in Vegas of course. From the earliest days of the Main Event as we know it, the format has been no limit Texas Hold’em. And as this is widely seen as the most important poker game in the world, it’s not hard to see why hold’em became the poker world’s gold standard.

Speaking of the WSOP, the world got to really know Texas Hold’em via a book published by Al Alvarez. The Biggest Game In Town was all about the 1981 WSOP and it set the public’s imagination on fire. For the first time, the average Joe and Josephine could really get their head around just how special poker and, in particular, hold’em really is.

The Texas hold’em origin story spreads far beyond the USA

In the early 1980s, two enterprising Irish men visited Las Vegas and saw just how exciting Texas Hold’em can be. Terry Rogers and Liam Flood decided that it would be a crying shame for the wider world not to have a piece of the action, so they decided to bring it to European poker rooms. Once there, it slowly began its spread to dominate the global poker scene.

Up until the 1990s, seven card stud was actually the most played poker game in the USA. However, there’s just something special about hold’em. It captured the imagination of many creative types, being covered in literature, TV programs and films. And of course, hold’em was well and truly the favorite kind of poker to play from the early days of online poker too.

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