poker origins

Ever wonder where the name of your favorite card game came from? Yes, today, we’re delving into the world of poker origins. And trust us, it’s a story worth telling.

With German roots and a detour in France, poker eventually found a home in America. This game is rich with history. And it all started with a simple word change. Poker continues to captivate players worldwide. And even though its name has evolved, the heart of the game has certainly stood the test of time.

Early beginnings

Let’s go back a few centuries in Germany. Way back then, a game called pochen was pretty popular. It involved bluffing and betting. Sounds familiar, right? That’s because pochen is certainly a likely starting point on our poker origins story…

Moving on to France

Geographically, and culturally, France and Germany are pretty close. So it’s not wonder that they quickly caught on to the German’s card game. Over there, they called it Poque. And with that we’re getting closer to the game we know and love.

New world, new game

In the early 1800s, poque had reached American shores. Immigrants brought it along and New Orleans was the hotspot. Here, poque evolved and transformed into something more recognizable to us modern card sharks.

A name takes shape

The game’s name changed with its rules. Poque became poker. Why the change? It’s simple. English speakers tweaked the pronunciation and poker is simply much easier to say in English.

Poker spreads far and wide

As we all know, poker didn’t stay put in New Orleans. It traveled with settlers, spreading across the American frontier. Saloons and riverboats hosted games. And poker quickly became a symbol of the Wild West.

Official recognition

Here’s a fun fact. The word poker first appeared in print referring to a card game in 1836. J Hildreth mentioned it. He apparently wasn’t a fan, but he played a part in documenting the game’s rise.

The evolution of the game

Poker or course is an umbrella term that refers to lots of different games. You’ve got the classic 5-card draw games, but in later years, new formats like Texas Hold’em and Omaha were introduced. And then in the last few decades, new fast-paced games such as Six Plus started becoming popular. Meanwhile, online, you’ve got a whole host of new types of games to check out. These range from knockout tournaments to Twister. People way back in poker origins might not recognize them, but they’re all related.

Have yourself a good old fashioned game of poker online

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