bet365 progressive knockout

Have you played bet365 progressive knockouts yet? Well if you’re a poker fan and you haven’t done it, you’re missing out.

These are hella fun tournaments with a really fun twist. And we’re not talking about Twister (although we’re big fans of that too).

We’re going to tell you why they’re so much fun, what you have to expect and what you should be on your guard for too.

Once you learn how to play them, they’re really easy to love. And we can’t wait to tell you all about them!

Bet365 progressive knockout tournaments explained

They’re based on regular knockouts

A regular knockout is also really fun. For those of you who don’t know, you get a cash reward every time you knock someone out of the tournament. And it’s as simple as that. You don’t have to wait until you pass the bubble to get rewarded for your efforts. And you can build up quite a sizeable little nest egg while you’re playing, before the final table rewards are dished out. But then if you do make it pass the bubble, you’ll get additional cash prizes too, depending on where you place.

Generally speaking, the final table prizes are a little smaller in knockouts compared to regular tournaments, because part of the prize pool goes on every player’s head. But we like the fact that you can chip away and get extra rewards as you go along…

People love knockouts so much that you can find them in loads of different places. They’re certainly something to look out for if you’re thinking about taking a poker vacation. You can even find them on the line-up for the WSOP pretty much every year. Plus, more and more poker night hosts are introducing them as part of games among friends too.

And how are bet365 progressive knockout tournaments different?

Bet365 progressive knockout tournaments add a little more spice to proceedings. That’s because every single time you knock someone out, not only do you get a cash prize, the bounty on your head increases too.

And your competitors can see that too. So, if you’re an aggressive player, systematically taking people down, you’ll quickly become more and more valuable to other players. Essentially, the target on your back grows the more you knock people out.

This is such an exciting element to add to a knockout tournament, and really changes the dynamic of play too. Suddenly things can get spicy extremely quickly, especially if you’ve been on a knock out streak!

Look out for promotions to make progressive knockouts even more lucrative

From time to time, bet365 run promotions on progressive knockouts. They can even run them as part of a tournament series. This can mean extra prizes and extra juicy prize pools too. Plus everything is a little more fun when it’s part of a promotion or bigger event, right?

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