Loyalty Club at Bet365

Have you heard about the Loyalty Club at Bet365?

Well if you haven’t, we’re here to enlighten you.

This is your foolproof route to free tournament tickets, entry to exclusive tournaments, as well as juicy bonuses.

Through reading this article, you’re going to get up to speed on all the juiciness of the Loyalty Club at Bet365. And you might even find out if it’s worth concentrating your efforts on one site versus playing the field in several.

Should I use one main online poker room?

This is the big question. In our opinion, it’s always a good idea to spread your action around a little. Know what’s on offer at several different places.

That way you’ll know what promotions are on offer,  as well as special events. Plus signing up to a few means you can take advantage of the welcome offers. Some are better than others, but welcome offers are usually a great place to get good value. We particularly rate the bet365 one, and if you use this bet365 bonus code, it gets even better.

But if the bulk of your online poker play is at a place with a really good loyalty program, that means you can maximize your rewards. One place that gives great rewards, as we’re going to discuss now, is the Loyalty Club at bet365.

How does the Loyalty Club at bet365 work?

Long story short, you get rewarded at the Loyalty Club at bet365 based on the amount of cash you spend on tournament fees and cash game rake. So the more you spend. the better your rewards.

You can choose your own rewards, which we think is very cool. As you progress through the Loyalty Club, you get bet365 Coins and they can be spent on things like Tournament Tickets and Bonuses in the Store.

Getting familiar with the lingo

The toughest thing when you’re playing at any online poker room and figuring out any loyalty scheme is understanding the language they use around it.

At bet365, there are a few things you should know:

  • Status Points are awarded to you at a rate of 10 per £1 spent on fees or rake
  • Loyalty Steps are completed based on the number of Status Points you earn
  • Loyalty Level is like a tier of the Loyalty Club at bet365. You’ve got to complete a certain number of Loyalty Steps in order to reach each new Loyalty Level
  • bet365 Coins are awarded to you every time you progress through a Loyalty Step. You can use these to get your rewards at the bet365 Store
  • bet365 Store is a virtual store, accessed through the poker client
  • Loyalty Missions give you the chance to earn extra bet365 Coins, hence giving you a shot at getting more or better rewards

A little more on Loyalty Levels

The main thing Loyalty Levels do for you is to tell you what kind of rewards you get. There five different Loyalty Levels at Bet365. The lowest one is Bronze, then they progress to Silver, Gold and Platinum, with Diamond as the highest.

Based on your level, you’ll have access to different exclusive tournaments. Some have guarantees of up to €5,000! They take place daily, weekly or monthly, depending on the tournament and your level.