poker gifts

Pressed for time but need some poker gifts? Well then this is the gift guide for you, my friend.

Instant poker gifts

Top of the list for instant poker gifts is certainly a bonus code for a really great online poker room. Along with giving them an excellent welcome offer, it’s also an introduction into a new world of poker playing action. Stumped on where to find a great bonus code? Here’s the bet365 bonus code we’ve been saving for just such an occasion!

Another quirky idea for an instant poker gift is paying a subscription/membership fee to their favorite poker podcast. If there’s a podcast you know they love, check out the website. Sometimes if you pay to subscribe/become a member, you unlock bonus content or get sent cool merchandise. Well worth exploring those possibilities.

Gifts to tell them about now, but that you organise later

Now these poker gifts are a real life hack. We love an experiential gift. No waste and you’re creating memories together. What could be better?

And you can have a few levels of these types of gifts, from fairly casual to standout take-your-breath-away kinds of gifts. We’re going to tell you about the whole spectrum.

First up is a poker movie night. You simply tell them you’re going to have them over, stock up on their favorite snacks and that’s that.

Taking things up a notch in the organisational front is a DIY poker night. For this, you agree on a date, invite their friends and host a party in their honor.

And then the biggest commitment in terms of time and money when it comes to these experiences is an amazing poker trip. You can pick somewhere exotic or local, book transport and accomodation and go away for a vacation you both will never forget. Yes, it’ll cost a pretty penny, but it’s definitely an impressive gift!

Gifts that take a couple of hours

Another cool idea is to make something yourself. One of our favorite poker-themed gifts are these poker chip cookies. Simple to make and you might even already have all the ingredients to do it.

Plus nothing says you care like some homemade treats. Easy for you, meaningful to them. What could be better?

Poker gifts that take a few days to arrive

If you’ve got a little extra time, you can go about ordering something online. We’ve got a few go-to gifts for poker players that always go down a treat.

First up is vintage or collectors-item chips. How on earth can you find those, I hear you say. Well it’s not actually that hard. Here’s a list on how to find cool chips online.

Another great idea is a quirky deck of cards. There are so many to choose from, you’ll be spoilt for choice!

Or else, a great book about poker is always a nice thing to recieve. Whether it’s a strategy book or an outlandish true story, there are certainly a lot of options. For a jumping off point, check out these

With all online orders when you’re pressed for time, make sure you’re ordering from somewhere in your own region. The closer the seller is geographically to you, the quicker you’re likely to receive your poker gifts. There are easy filtering functions on lots of sites, like Etsy, eBay and Amazon, if you’re buying from somewhere with multiple sellers.

Or how about some sports gifts instead?

Maybe you’re also in the market for different types of gifts, that aren’t just poker themed? Well in that case, these make for interesting choices…

We’ve got a fully-stocked list of sports themed gifts right here. There’s truly something for everyone on that list, a wide variety of choice.