poker podcasts FAQs

We decided to write these poker podcasts FAQs because we realized not everyone and their sister is on the podcast train, let alone the poker podcast train.

It might seem to some people like podcasts are ubiquitous these days. But the truth is, they’re still a minority media, far behind TV, radio and even streaming services.

However, there’s certainly a merit to checking them out. Especially if you’re interested in poker.

So take a look at these poker podcast FAQs and draw your own conclusion as to whether they might be your cup of tea or not.

Poker podcasts FAQs


What is a podcast?

Let’s start at the start with these poker podcast FAQs, shall we.

A podcast is an online audio file that you can listen to on a computer, laptop, smartphone or tablet. Usually, you have the option to either download it or stream it either via the podcast’s website or via a streaming service like Spotify.

What kind of poker podcasts are there?

There are so many different types of poker podcasts, it’s actually kind of mind boggling.

You can find ones to suit all types of poker player, interests, goals and lengths.

Some of the podcasts you’ll find are long-form interviews with top players.

Other podcasts focus more on strategy.

Meanwhile some are more general interest, focusing on big stories that are interesting to both poker players and the general public.

Can a podcast give me better strategy tips than a book?

There are a tonne of great strategy books, and if you’re into poker, we don’t think you should dismiss those.

However, what’s great about a poker podcast is that they are often regularly updated and can deal with topical subjects in the zeitgeist.

Plus, many have an interactive nature, giving you the chance to send in listeners’ questions, and if you’re lucky, the hosts will deal with yours.

What are some good poker podcasts to start with?

When you Google poker podcast, you might be kind of overwhelmed with the options available out there. So we’re going to give you a few of our recommendations of where you could start:

So out of that list, Chasing Poker Greatness is an excellent long-form interview option. Meanwhile, the 30 for 30 All In series is super accessible to anyone and fascinating. It tells the story of when Chris Moneymaker won the WSOP Main Event with a online satellite and what that did for the industry.

Then the other three are invaluable strategy podcasts, with something for everyone. We especially love the bitesize chunks of Smart Poker Study.

Now are you in the mood to play some poker yourself?

Whether or not you’re going to listen to something new after reading those poker podcasts FAQ, if you’re a poker fan, we’re guessing you’re always on the lookout for somewhere good to play.

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