sports gift guide

This sports gift guide is designed to satisfy the sports lovers in your life.

Whatever occasion you’re shopping for and whatever your budget, we bet you’re going to find something to tickle their fancy on this list.

We’ve done all the research and thinking for you. All you need to do is pick the gift, stick on a bow and present it to them with a smile.

It’s as easy as that!

Sports gift guide


For a gift that doesn’t cost you a red cent, but is extremely personal, a list of some great recommendations will always go down a treat. Here are some excellent sports podcasts that will suit any sports fanatic. Plus, if you already know they’re a fan of a particular podcast and want to spend a few bucks, sometimes you can unlock bonus features by paying to subscribe. There are often monthly or one-off contributions, and extras can include more content or even merch so they can show off their loyalty to the world. Nice.

Another great idea is to tell them all about your favorite sportsbook, especially if they like to flutter the odd time. Plus, if you can add a bonus code to the mix, even better. To make life easy for you, here’s a bet365 bonus code for new punters. Absolutely free to use and sweetens that already great sign up offer!


One gift they’ll always remember is a big sports-themed adventure. Love the Premier League and live in England? Treat them to season tickets.

Big Lakers fan? Fly them to Los Angeles for a game of basketball they’ll never forget.

Do they have Irish ancestry? A trip to Dublin to take in, among other things, a trip to the famous GAA museum at the historic Croke Park stadium could be just what the doctor ordered. And maybe you could even catch a hurling or Gaelic football match while they’re there…

Meanwhile tennis fans would adore to be treated to a trip to see a Grand Slam tournament. From the Australian Open to Wimbledon, there are a whole lot of options to choose from.


If the person you’re shopping for is a die-hard fan on any particular team, some cool memorabilia will always be welcome. You could splash out on an NFL super bowl ring!

Alternatively, you could scour eBay for some vintage jerseys. A pretty unique and very cool gift they’re not likely to already have.

Or if they love the latest stuff, simply pick up the newest strip from your local sports store and that’ll keep your pal happy when they unwrap.


Is the person you’re shopping for both into books and sports? Well then this part of the sports gift guide is definitely for you.

Books are always a bit of a fail-safe gift in our opinion. Choose the right one, and you’ve just given your friend hours of enjoyment. Choose the wrong one, and hey, no biggie, it doesn’t take up too much space on the shelf and still makes them look a little smarter to guests.

But unsure of which book to pick? Take a look at some of our favorite sports books of all time.