Poker ghost image: three ghost figurines with different expressions

Image by Alexa from Pixabay

Want to be a poker ghost on the felt?

Picture it. You’re unseen, unpredictable, always one step ahead. Use our stealthy tips and embody a ghost persona at the table, whether you’re playing online (bet365 bonus code if you’re looking to sign up) or in a bricks and mortar poker room.

Trust us. Once you make the transition into a poker ghost, there’s no way you’ll ever go back to the pedestrian world of a regular player…

Observe silently

Before making any moves, watch your opponents closely. Note their habits, betting patterns and tells. Just like a poker ghost, remain quiet and absorb everything. This information that your opponents slowly reveal will come back to haunt them…

Play unpredictably

You can’t ever predict when or where a ghost will crop up. Or what they’ll do. That’s what makes them so spooky. So spook your fellow players and mix up your play. Bet aggressively with a weak hand occasionally. And why not try take a back seat with a strong hand from time to time? This confuses opponents and makes your moves harder to read.

Keep your emotions invisible

Keep yourself to yourself at the table. Just like a ghost, pretend you’re rising above in an alternative spirit world. A ghost never shows their emotions and neither should you. Whether you’ve got a royal flush or a low pair, maintain a consistent poker face. Any visible reaction can give your game away.

Limit table talk

Poker ghosts never engage in excessive table chatter. That’s because talking too much can mean you accidentally give out information. Sharp players are always on the lookout for slip ups. Instead, speak minimally. Let your gameplay do the talking.

Practice patience

A ghost always waits for the perfect moment to appear. Similarly, you should wait for opportune moments to make your move. Don’t rush things. The right hand or situation will come in time. After all, poker ghosts have all the time in the (spirit) world.

Embrace rituals

Ghosts are notoriously ritualistic beings. And you can embrace rituals to make sure you’re never giving anything away. The easiest way to do that is to develop little rituals before making any move, regardless of whether it’s a call, fold, bet or raise. By being consistent, you can camouflage your true tells.

Always be ready to disappear

Ghosts always know when to leave. And they can do so at a moment’s notice. If you’ve had a good run or feel that your opponents are catching on to your strategies, make a graceful exit from that cash game table. Poker ghosts never stay too long.

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