poker card nicknames

Poker players have a very colorful turn of phrase. And you can see that so clearly in the poker card nicknames you might run across on the felt.

Playing cards have a colorful history already, so it’s kind of no wonder that they’ve got amazing nicknames too.

We’re going to bring you through some of our favorites so you can see exactly what we mean!

Then the next time you’re multi-tabling (bet365 bonus code if you need a new online poker room) or even playing in one of the world’s most glamorous card rooms, you can spot these hands and smile to yourself.

Say what you see poker card nicknames

Now these ones are easy to remember, because they reference the suits. Here’s what we’ve got for you…

Digging Deep: a flush of spades

Because what do you do with a spade? Get it?

Heartbreaker: when you lose with a flush of hearts

No one likes to lose. But when you lose with a flush of hearts, it’s a real Heartbreaker.

Cultural poker card nicknames

Here are some of the poker card nicknames related to all things culture, sometimes high and sometimes low!

Arthos, Porthos and Aramis: AAA

Yes, it’s the Three Musketeers! This fab hand is named after the 19th century classic. And if you haven’t read it yet, we’d recommend you give it a go. Expand your horizons outside poker books the odd time, guys!

Jazz: JA55

Alright, so this poker card nickname might not have a whole lot to do with the genre. But it definitely gives us jazzy vibes, you cool cats.

Village People: QQQQ

Young man, there’s no need to feel down. Especially when you’re faced with a rake of queens! The Village People light up our lives through music and certainly this is one of those poker card nicknames that does that too!

Monty Python and the Holy Grail: AAAAK

Yes, we are suckers for poker films. But we also adore comedies. And they don’t come much more hilarious than Monty Python and the Holy Grail. Not only are we delighted when this poker hand pops up on the felt, but it brings a smile to us for a different reason. The nickname references that epic movie.

Dead Man’s Hand: AA88 plus a mystery card

One of the most famous poker card nicknames has got to be the Dead Man’s Hand. It’s a gruesome story that has really stood the test of time…

Mathematical poker card nicknames

And now for all the math geeks out there, these are a few poker card nicknames that you might enjoy

Fibonacci: AA235 and 2358K

If this has you scratching your head, maybe it’s because you’re not familiar with the Fibonacci sequence. It’s when you’ve got a series of numbers and each number is the sun of the two previous numbers in the sequence.

Even Stevens: 2468T, 468TQ or 68TQA

Pretty self-explanatory stuff here. If all you’ve got is even numbers, you’re faced with Even Stevens.

All The Primes: 2357J and 357JK

Meanwhile, if you’ve got a buttload of prime number (whose only factors are one and itself), you’ve got All The Primes.