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An absolute cornerstone of poker, cash games are something that every player should dedicate at least a little time to. Take a quick read of our cute listicle and rediscover why your next cash game session should be as soon as possible.

1. Set your time limit

Cash games are available 24/7 on online poker rooms. Theoretically, that means you can play for an unlimited amount of time. But listen, that’s not smart. Everyone knows that you have to be sharp to play poker. So we’d advise setting a block of time aside for your cash game session and sticking to it. Okay, yeah, you might not want to cut yourself off in the middle of a hand. But don’t go telling yourself you’ll be there for an hour and then end up dragging your ass offline three hours later. That’s when things get sloppy.

2. Keep an eye on your budget

As well as budgeting for time, you should budget for money too. Decide how much you’re willing to spend on your session and make sure you don’t go over. With cash games, you can decide how many chips to buy before you sit down at a table. Our advice is don’t go in with your whole wad of cash at once. Simply buy in and see how things go. Then if you run out, top yourself up. But don’t ever spend more than you were first intending to. Despite what some (bad) poker players say, good luck does not follow bad.

3. Plan for profits

That might sound a little bit ridiculous. Of course you go into a poker game intending to win. That’s not exactly what we mean though. When you play cash games, you can potentially play for a really long time. But if you’ve read the points above, you know that the longer it goes on the sloppier things can become. So along with planning an exit based on time and cash lost, also plan for an exit strategy based on winnings.

Say you start with £50/€50/$50 and your ideal goal is to spin that up into somewhere in the region of £100/€100/$100. Once you hit that £100/€100/$100 goal, stop playing. Because you’ll be very frustrated if you eat into that sweet spot of winnings. And thankfully, cash games are the type that make it easy for you to call it a day whenever you like.

4. Switch tables

We’ve all been there before. We’re stuck at a tournament table for hours with some lunatic who plays erratically and is a general jerk on the felt. It messes up the game for everyone involved but what can you do? Well with cash games, unlike poker tournaments, you can hit the road whenever you like. And of course, that doesn’t have to mean the end of your poker session. You can simply change to a different table. Nice.

5. Master multi-tabling

Multi-tabling isn’t just for poker professionals and nerds. It’s a great way to amp up the excitement of your session and refine your skills. Once you’re comfortable at your chosen stake level, why not try playing two games at once? Then if that becomes a piece of cake, add a third. And if things get too hectic with three, you can go back to two. It’s a great way to go out of your comfort zone and hone your game.

6. Choose an online poker room with plenty of choice

Of course, you need to also find somewhere to play that has plenty of action. And as well as that, there has to be tables suitable for every budget so you can start small and grind your way up. Plus the interface has to be super easy to use and intuitive. We know a place that ticks all those boxes. And we’ve got a way to maximize your welcome offer. Check out this bet356 review and bonus code to find out more.