6 Quirky Sports Gifts You Can Easily DIY

DIY sports gifts

Looking for a unique yet environmentally friendly gift for a sports fan? Then look no further than these DIY sports gifts…

Today we’re talking all about reusing and repurposing old sports gear and materials. These ideas are perfect for those who love sports and care about the environment. So if that sounds like a certain loved one of yours who deserves an extra special gift, you’re in the right place!

1. Tennis ball key holder

Got an old tennis ball lying around? Just make a slit at the back, add a hook and you’ve got a funky key holder on your hands.

2. Skateboard shelf

Transform an old skateboard into a stylish wall shelf. Attach L-shaped brackets to the underside and mount it to the wall. It’s perfect for holding books, trophies or photos. Plus doubles-up as a gorgeous conversation starter in its own rite.

3. Basketball planter

Cut an old basketball in half, drill some holes in the bottom. Add some moldable glue to the bottom to act as a stabilizer so the ball doesn’t roll away. Then fill each half with some compost, add a plant or two and pop it on a drip tray. Something like a golden pothos, which tumbles over the side, looks great on a shelf. Or if you’re making it for a cooking-loving sports fan, why not add a selection of herbs. No one can say no to some extra basil or mint.

4. Ski wine rack

Haven’t touched your skis in years? Well it’s not all bad. You can use them to make excellent DIY sports gifts. One of our favorite ski upcycles is to turn them into a chic wine rack. Simply secure them together, spaced for wine bottles. Put them on the wall horizontally and you’re done! Not only can they hold several bottles, it’ll also add a sporty touch to any room.

5. Bowling pin lamp

Convert an old bowling pin into a cute new lamp. You can pick up DIY lamp kits online, so you don’t even have to be an electronics whizz to make one. All you need to do is hollow out the bowling pin, or simply attach the wire to the back. Just make sure you test this eye-catching piece before you give it to the sports-lover in your life.

6. Bicycle chain picture frame

Now this is perfect if your friend is a big fan of cycling or if you’ve taken a few special cycles together. First off, pick out a picture of your pal on their bike. Then find an old photo frame and an old bicycle chain. Clean the bicycle chain and then shape it around the photo frame, securing it with a very strong glue. And there you have it, a fantastic and thoughtful DIY sports gift.

Even more gift ideas

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And now for our additional gift guides…


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