5 Gifts To Give Your Sports Loving Friends

sports gift ideas

Looking for sports gift ideas? You’ve come to the right place! We’ve got a whole host of different ideas that are sure to put a smile on your loved ones face. So strap in and let’s take you on a whirlwind ride of great sports gift ideas.

Sports gift ideas: books

There are lots of different types of sports books that you can get your pal. Plus you can get it with a simple trip to your local bookstore. Or after a quick Google online. So let’s help you narrow it down and drill down on the key types.

1. History sports books

This one is for big fans of the legacy of sports. You can get books on the evolution of a particular type of sport, a particular league or a particular team. If the person you’re buying for loves to know the nitty-gritty of their interests, this one is for them.

2. Biographies

Is your friend a huge fan of a particular player, manager or athlete? Head over to your local bookstore and see if they’ve got any (auto)biographies about the person in question. Getting an insight into how they think will never go amiss for a big fan.

Sports gift ideas: Experiences

An experiential gift is great for two reasons. First off, delayed gratification and looking forward to something is always a winner. Secondly, you don’t actually have to do too much beforehand except simply think of the idea. So let’s be having you.

3. The big night in

If there’s a big game coming up, invite your friend over to watch it with you. Doesn’t sound like such a great gift? Well it will be after you tell them when they come over you’re going to treat them to a takeaway of their choice, their favorite beers in the fridge and their snacks of choice on tap all night long.

4. The big trip out

A getaway or even a day out can be an amazing gift for someone you love. And it’s just as fun for you too! If you’ve got a decent sports stadium near you, you can get tickets to a big game, fight or race and take your friend to it. Treat them to a meal beforehand and drinks after and it’s even better.

Or else if you’ve got a bigger budget and some time on your hands, you could go all out with a big trip away. Think about what sports they’re into. Then think about where you’d like to go (and your budget). Whether it’s a roadtrip to a nearby city for the weekend or a week away in Europe, all with a sporting edge, there’s a whole lot you could look forward to! Think a Tour de France themed trip to Europe or a few nights in New York to see the Yankees. The world is waiting for you!

5. Bonus code for a great online sportsbook

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