The Secret To A Good Poker Gift

gifts for poker players

Some people say poker players are the hardest people to buy gifts for. But we think gifts for poker players need not be a pain in the behind. We’re here to tell you the secret to buying gifts for poker players.

And then you can enjoy all the rewards that come with being a great gift giver. Just don’t tell them we gave you a little help along the way.

Secret to poker gifts #1: Quality is key

We don’t like to generalize about anyone, but people who’ve been playing poker for a while really appreciate quality. And they can also spot bad quality from a mile away. Just think about it. If you’re using the same sort of tools over and over again, you become pretty well acquainted with them. So sub par quality sticks out like a sore thumb.

So when it comes to gifts for poker players, think quality over quantity. One or two decks of really good cards go a long way. Think durability, like thermoplastic. Think thoughtful, like customized cards with personalized text or monograms.

Or maybe you think they could do with a set of chips? Run as far as you can from plastic chips. No one really and truly likes to play with plastics. Instead, consider a lovely feeling and weighty set of ceramic chips. Alternatively, splash out on some clay chips. They are more expensive, but they’re worth it.

Secret to poker gifts #2: Knowledge is power

Every poker player knows that the more you learn about the game, the better you’ll be. Poker strategy books are essential reading for anyone who’s into poker. If you’re dealing with someone who got into poker during the online boom of the early 2000s, Super/System 2 featuring guest chapters from the likes of Johnny Chan and Jennifer Harman is a great bet.

Or if you’re dealing with someone who can’t get enough of the numbers, the probabilities, the odds, the real nitty gritty of the game, something like The Theory of Poker by David Sklansky is exactly what they’d love. Quite dense for a casual player, but considered a masterpiece for those who are really serious about the game.

Alternatively, help them study their own game. Give them a notebook and a nice pen to write notes on their play online. Most players do this anyway, but having a good book and pen to scribble their notes can act as an extra reminder.

Secret to poker gifts #3: A sense of humor helps

If you’re just looking for a little token, feel free to unleash your wacky side. Especially if the poker player in your life likes a laugh. So why not pick up a cheap frame in your local charity store and put in a picture of one of their poker idols? Or else grab a pair of poker themed socks.

Another goofy idea is to get a bakery or a chocolate store to ice some treats with their lucky hand. It’ll bring a smile to their face for sure. And if they don’t quite get the joke, they can always eat it!

Now that you’ve got your gifts for poker players, treat yourself too

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