Bet Victor Club

One of the most attractive aspects of BetVictor Poker is the chance to join the BetVictor Club. The Bet Victor club is open to anybody who owns a BetVictor account, whether it is for sports betting, poker or the casino and as a member of the club, you are eligible for a number of different features and promotions.

How do I join the club?

Joining the club is very easy, but it is not an automatic right for new members to join. When you have registered with BetVictor, head on over to the BetVictor Club pages and use your log in details to access your profile.

Complete your basic profile by answering the questions in the boxes provided, they list a little about you, your favourite films, music and books, hobbies as well as a little about your poker playing experience and who your favourite poker star is.  You can also upload a photograph to your profile if you wish.

When you have completed this, you now need to complete a twenty question BetVictor Poker quiz, scoring 80 per cent or more, in order to earn yourself membership of the BetVictor Club.

The Bet Victor Club Poker Quiz

The quiz is a series of 20 questions about poker, divided into five sections with four questions in each. The first question is about poker basics, then there are three sections about each of the three major different types of poker games on BetVictor Poker, Sit N Go games, Multi-Table Tournaments and Cash Games. The final section is about Bankroll management.

To earn a place as a BetVictor club member, users must score at least 80% (16/20) on the quiz in order to be accepted. As you can see in the example below, I breezed through the test relatively quickly, though I did get three questions wrong!

The good news is that even if you fail on your first attempt, you do have an unlimited number of attempts to  gain entry into the club.

All the answers to the questions can be found in the Tutorials section of the BetVictor Club. Here there are five short articles that correspond to each section of the quiz and the answers to all the questions asked on the quiz are contained within these pages.

As a result, you can either read through the articles and take the quiz afterwards, or take the quiz and try and find the answers in the articles as you answer them, as a form of comprehension exercise. I found the latter to be the quickest way to pass the test.

Once you have completed the 20 questions you click submit and your selection is then automatically reviewed by the site and your final mark awarded (as shown above), together with an analysis of your results and details on where you can find out the correct answers to any questions you may have answered incorrectly.

Once you’ve achieved 80% or better on the quiz, your application is submitted and within a few days you will receive an email confirming your acceptance and eligibility for all club member benefits.

What are the benefits to me as a BetVictor Club Poker player?

One of the major benefits about being a BetVictor Club member is that it gives you eligibility to play in some of the popular micro stakes freeroll events, such as the Sit N Go events shown in the screenshot below.

Not only are these free to play, with small but real cash rewards for the winners, they are also very popular and the tables fill up quickly meaning that you do not have to wait too long in order to play.

In addition to these events, if you are going to play poker regularly, then you can enter yourself into the BetVictor Free Play League, where players play against each other for points in several freeroll events each day. The cumulative points for each participant are added up over the month, with cash prizes awarded to the top ten players with the most points from their montly play.

There is a considerable sum of money for the top player, with 1,500 euros the top prize possible, all from entry into freeroll events.

In addition to these regular events, BetVictor Poker will also run specialist Club Only member events throughout the year, announcing these on the site, via email and on social networking sites.

Furthermore, you can brush up your poker knowledge in the Club Forum, where other users get to share their insights and stories about poker as well as ask for advice from more experienced poker players.

In short, there are many benefits to a new player to BetVictor Poker that make it especially worthwhile joining as a poker novice. The sheer number of freeroll events make joining the club worthwhile, but other aspects, such as the forum, special promotions and the Poker School and Coaching sections are really helpful in helping a novice player learn the fundamentals of the game.