Premier League numbers

The Premier League is kind of a big deal in the soccer world. Hell, it’s a big deal in any part of the world. It’s the most-watched and, arguably, most-loved sports league on the planet. So it’s no wonder it has some impressive numbers to back it up. Take a look at some of the most impressive and interesting Premier League numbers and keep them in your back pocket to impress your friends.

£3.1 billion

The value of the Premier League can be measured in several different ways, but one clear sign of its worth is the price of its tv rights deals. In the 2019-20 season alone, this amounted to £3.1 billion. This is significantly more than the original broadcast rights bid that BSkyB won back at the very start of the league, which was £304 million over the course of five years.

643 million

Does everyone you know and their sister watch the Premier League? Well don’t mind us if we’re not too surprised. This is a true global passion, with 643 million homes tuned into the games. That’s across 212 territories and equates to up to 4.7 billion people on the edge of their seat.

£3 million

The most recent estimates put a per player average salary at just shy of £3 million each every year. That is wild when you compare it to the average when the League was set up, at just £75,000 per player annually.


We’ve already established that the Premier League is a big deal on the screen, but what about in real life? Well thousands upon thousands of punters are happy to part with their hard earned cash to go to a match. For the 2019/2020 season, there was an average attendance of 38,181 per match.


The Premier League was founded on 20 February, 1992. It was born when a number of major clubs decided to leave the Football League. The Premier League was a true television league, with Sky paying a handsome sum to broadcast the matches.


Starting every year in August and stretching until May, the Premier League season spans a decent portion of the calendar year. And even though it’s long, it’s still surprising how much it packs in. Over the season, 20 teams compete in the competition. And every team plays each other both at home and away during the course of the season, in a double round robin format. How good is your math? For those at the back, that means there are 380 matches over the course of one Premier League season. No wonder those footballers get such substantial pay packets, they work hard for their money.


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A total of 50 different clubs have played in the Premier League during its history. Out of those 50, the vast majority were from England (48) and the remaining two were from Wales. If you’re curious, they are Swansea City and Cardiff City.


If you’re a soccer fan, it won’t take you long to guess who’s the most decorated club in the league. Manchester United are most often the league toppers, becoming champions on 13 separate occasions. To date, there are six other clubs that have rose to the top of the ranks too, including Chelsea and Manchester City with five wins a-piece, Arsenal with three wins and Blackburn Rovers, Leicester City and Liverpool all with one win until the belt.


The number three is very important in the Premier League. That’s because every time a team wins a match, they are awarded three points. If you lose, you don’t get a single sausage. But if you draw, you each get one point. The team at the end of the season with the most points, is crowned the winner.