Slingo games have been available for a good while now, including at bet365 Games. But what is it that makes them so popular?

It is a good question as Slingo is a game unlike any other online betting game. Yet, it contains key elements of two of the most popular forms of gambling games.

Sometimes, the fusion of two game types doesn’t really work. I do recall a type of arcade game that was part gambling game was tried out, but failed to really catch on.

Yet Slingo has enjoyed enduring popularity on sites such as bet365 Games. So what is it about this game that makes it so appealing?

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In the end, we have come up with 7 magic reasons why Slingo is so popular! You can check them out below.

But first, if you are reading this and wondering what Slingo is, then read on!

What is Slingo?


Slingo is a portmanteau word that combines slots with bingo – hence Slingo!

The reason that is the name of the game is because it is a combination of elements of popular slot games, combined with bingo.

The aim of Slingo is to fill your 5×5 bingo card. Each line of five numbers you connect is called a Slingo. The more “Slingo” lines you land on your card, the greater the value of the prize that you can receive.

However, instead of using a bingo machine (or RNG) to decide the numbers, instead five ‘reels’ are spun under each column of the Slingo Card. This will produce a number underneath each of the five reels, or a special symbol.

If the number that appears under a reel is on your bingo card, it is marked off. If it doesn’t appear, then nothing happens with that number, as is the case in a game of bingo.

Special Symbols

However, if a special symbol appears, such as a Wild or Super Wild, then this allows you to mark off any number from a selected line, or even from anywhere on the board.

Similarly, symbols from the slot game that the Slingo game is based on, can appear on the reels and if you land enough on a spin, you can win a cash prize.

You can elect to play Slingo for a variety of stakes ranging from around £0.20 up to around £2.00 per game, with the prizes on offer scaled to fit the size of the stakes paid.

At the end of your spins, you then have the option to finish the game, or purchase additional spins at a stated cost to try and trigger a better value prize. You can continue to spin the reels for as long as you wish, provided you agree to pay the price per spin.

Following the end of the game, you will then receive your prize. In some games, this is simply awarded, but in others, it results in a guaranteed winning spin on the slot game linked to the Slingo game. This can result in different size wins based on the outcome of the winning spin.

The Lucky 7 Magic Reasons Slingo Has Been A Sure-Fire Success Story!

So what are the reasons behind Slingo’s success? We’ve given you a list of seven reasons why this game has proved a smash hit success!

  1. Playability

Never underestimate the power of playability. Any time you play a game and enjoy it and want to go again, you know you are onto a good thing!

Slingo does that. It has the exciting elements of both Bingo and Slot games, ensuring that both demographics appetites are sated. Slingo is quick enough to play, but takes longer than standard slot spins, but shorter than a game of bingo.

Additionally, the game is easy to play on the move. Plus, is fully automated and you will receive all your winnings into your account if you land the win.

Add the strategic element of deciding whether to play a new game, or play extra spins, and you have the recipe for a game with mass appeal.

  • Easy to Understand

Any game you can read the introduction to and have a good understanding of how it works, is always going to be more appealing than a more complex alternative.

Slingo is precisely that. It is a game you can read through the simple instructions and begin to play immediately. Then when you have played your first game, you’ll know how the game works moving forward.

  • Appeals to Bingo Players and Slot Gamers

Bingo is a massively popular online and real world game. Slots are also hugely popular as a form of casino entertainment. Combine the two in a way that appeals to both markets, and you have a hit on your hands.

That is precisely what Slingo does, combining the exciting elements from both games into a simple, easy to play and fun game that is comparably inexpensive compared to several spins of a slot, or a night at the bingo hall.

  • Linked to Popular Slot Game Titles

One of the most appealing aspects of Slingo is that it is a game that is inextricably linked to a good number of very popular slot games. Some of the Slingo titles you can play based on popular slots at sites such as bet365 Games are as follows: –

  • Piggy Bank Slingo
  • Wolf Snowstorm Slingo
  • Tetris Slingo
  • Super Space Invaders Slingo
  • Starburst Slingo
  • Rainbow Riches Slingo
  • Centurion Maximus Winnus Slingo
  • Stinkin’ Rich Slingo
  • Deal or No Deal Slingo
  • Da Vinci Diamonds Slingo
  • Slingo Racing
  • Book of Slingo

And there are many other options besides those listed above too.

  • Ability to Play Beyond the Allotted Spins

One a bingo game is over, it is over. You can’t draw a few more extra balls in the hope of landing the one or two you need to land a win.

However, with Slingo, you can! Once you have played through your allotted spins, you then have the option to purchase additional spins at a price determined by how close you are to landing one of the bigger value wins in the game.

The closer you are, the more expensive it will be for those extra spins as they are also likely to be more rewarding too.

  • Very Quick To Play

A game of Slingo takes considerably less time to play than a game of bingo. But by the same token takes longer to play through than a single spin on the slot.

This means that it is very easy to play a game or two of Slingo, even if you don’t have a huge amount of time available. That’s ideal if you want to play on a break from work, or if you grab five minutes peace at home.

  • Can Play for a Variety of Stakes

Not got a lot of money in your betting account? Don’t worry, you can still play Slingo with some games offering the chance to play for as little as £0.20 for your initial stake.

But, if you want to try and play for a bit more money, you can ramp up the value of your initial stake up to around £2 per game. Not a huge amount, but enough to make those wins look a lot more appealing, especially the higher value wins.

Remember though, the price of those end of game spins will be based on your initial stake, and the closer you are to the bigger value wins, the more expensive those additional spins will be!

So, do give Slingo a try. It is a fantastic game that combines the most exciting elements of slots and bingo together. And in doing so creates an exciting casino gaming option fit for the 21st century!