Smart Snacks To Boost Poker Night Brain Power

poker brain food

Poker nights at home aren’t just about the game. They’re also about snacks! Yes, you heard that right. The food you serve can actually help boost your brain power, or so they say… We’re going to give you some poker brain food ideas to make you smarter the next time you play.

Although maybe you’re going to want to pass the regular food on to your fiercest competitors, so your smart snacks don’t help them best you at the table!

Nuts about nuts

Got the nuts? No we’re not talking about your poker hand. We’re talking about literal nuts. Walnuts not only look like brains, they act as a great poker brain food too. Along with almonds and cashews, they are packed with omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids. These are great for brain health and a bowl of these are a must the next time you’re hosting.

Fruity options

Now we really shouldn’t forget about fruits. Blueberries and strawberries should be your go-to choices. Why? They’re full of antioxidants. These help improve memory and cognitive function. And we’re definitely going to need that to beat the tilt! Serve up a fruit salad and lighten the mood at particularly intense poker sessions. 

Veg out

It’s hard to veg out when you’re eating veg. Seriously. Carrot and celery sticks dipped in hummus can help keep your energy levels stable. No big dips like when you’re having a sugar crash. A light, healthy and easy to munch on food that can sustain you even into the wee hours.

There’s nothing fishy about this…

Love it or hate it, fish is hailed again and again as a brilliant (poker) brain food. Consider serving sushi or smoked salmon on bread. Salmon is particularly high in omega-3s and it’s classy as hell. You’re sure to impress your pals with this brain-boosting snack.

What an egg-cellent idea

Eggs are a cracker too. They’re full of choline, which can also help your brain function. So serve up some deviled eggs and mini quiches at your next poker party. Eat with one hand and slay at the table with the other.

Welcome to the dark side

And let’s not forget about dark chocolate. Yes, it’s not just a treat. It’s actually really good for your brain too! Dark chocolate is said to improve focus and concentration. Why not bake up a storm and use some dark chocolate on poker chip cookies for a fun themed treat?

Hydration station

Keeping hydrated during your poker night is key. Keep plenty of water on hand. And also offer green tea. It has caffeine and L-theanine, both of which are supposed to improve brain function. But make sure you steer clear of excess alcohol consumption. If you’re going to indulge in an alcoholic beverage, stick to one or two drinks maximum. Or else those beer goggles will make you lose your focus (and maybe the game!).

Some non-food related ways to boost your brain power


When you’ve had your fill of this poker brain food and you need something else to stimulate, we’ve got lots more ways to up your game. Before you host your party, read some poker strategy books and listen to some poker podcasts. And, of course, play a few practice games. One of our favorite spots at the moment is bet365 and with this bet365 bonus code, you can get a super smart welcome offer.

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