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Help for gambling addicts

There’s tonnes of help for gambling addicts out there. But finding the type of support that suits you best might not always be easy.

Help for gambling addicts online

Articles and advice

There are lots of organizations out there that have online resources, articles and support. The National Council for Problem Gambling is based in the United States, so is an excellent place to go if you’re from that area. And in the United Kingdom, Be Gamble Aware gives plenty of useful and practical advice to those who have a gambling problem, want to have better habits around gambling or whose friend or family member is suffering with addiction.

Chat rooms and forums

Online chat rooms and forums can be great places to get informal insights into what your peers are going through. They can be a wonderful source of local knowledge and can give very specific tips on how to deal with gambling problems, based on their own personal experiences.

There’s tonnes of help for gambling addicts out there. But finding the type of support that suits you best might not always be easy.

Help for gambling addicts in person

Support groups

Although many support groups operate online, an in-person support group can be of great comfort to those struggling with gambling addiction. Making a human connection can be an excellent way to gain strength to overcome your addiction.

One-on-one professional support

Bespoke help for gambling addicts in the form of counseling or therapy. During a counseling or therapy session, you get to meet one-on-one with a trained professional. There are lots of different types you can get, from cognitive behavioural therapy to psychoanalysis.

Although often in person, there are more and more options for online and phone counseling and therapy sessions. Depending on the provider, you can do a mix of these approaches or focus on one.

Multi-disciplinary support in treatment centers

Residential treatment centers provide a great service if you’re looking for comprehensive help for gambling addicts. They have a team of staff and everything in the center is designed to help you come to terms with your addiction, deal with the causes, break habits and get the tools to go back into the outside world and refrain from gambling.

Stints here often last weeks or even months. Although they may not always work on the first attempt, this is the most comprehensive option open to those who suffer from addiction.

Another thing to keep in mind is that this is the most expensive option available to those with gambling problems. However, it’s worth exploring if you can access these residential treatment programs via your health insurance provider or apply for help from the state to pay for it.

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