Cut Down On The Number Of Gambling Ads You See Online

limit gambling ads

Let’s face it. Gambling ads can be extremely annoying, can’t they? If you want to limit gambling ads you see online or even try to cut them out completely, that’s a great idea.

And it’s possible to do it too. We’re going to give you a few easy hints and tips to clean up your online space a little bit.

Whatever the reason you don’t want to see gambling ads, it’s definitely nice to be able to choose. So we’re going to give you the resources you need to do just that.

Stop seeing gambling ads on Facebook

If you want to stop seeing gambling ads on Facebook, you might not be able to cut them out completely. Which is a bummer, we know. However you can limit gambling ads by taking a few ways.

  • Select the x in the right hand corner of the sponsored post you don’t want to see to close it. This should also help the algorithm figure out what you don’t like seeing
  • Adjust your ad preferences in the Settings & Privacy menu, where you can hide ads from certain advertisers and see more or less ads related to a particular topic

Stop seeing gambling ads on Twitter

Twitter is a little bit trickier to adjust your settings to limit your exposure to gambling ads than Facebook. However. there are things you can do…

  • Block any Tweets you see from gambling companies
  • When you see an ad from a gambling company, you can select “I don’t like this ad” in the drop-down menu
  • Go to your Twitter settings and untick some of the interests to reduce seeing gambling-related content. This of course includes gambling, but could also include things like “NFL”
  • Mute words, phrases and hashtags associated with gambling

Stop seeing gambling ads on Google

It’s so much a part of our world, that it would be really nice to limit gambling ads that you see on Google.

In fact, Google actually doesn’t allow advertisers to remarket to users based on gambling-related interests like poker, casino or sports betting.

But some still might get through regardless. In which case, you can:

  • Block specific advertisers
  • Mute similar ads when you see a display ad for gambling

Do you think you have a gambling problem?

If you think you have a gambling problem, limiting the number of ads you see isn’t the only thing you should be doing.

Your number one job is to help yourself in order to try to stop gambling for good. But you need external support to do that successfully. And that’s where organizations like National Council for Problem Gambling in the US and Be Gamble Aware in the UK come in.

You can use online resources at both of those sites, Live Chat or use their phone line to talk to someone in person about your struggles.

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